I was honoring Lucifer in the home I’m staying in at the moment. I was downstairs, in the basement, with a makeshift altar and was in the middle of business. I had the candle about halfway burnt, when all of a sudden the owner to the house came home. He is very religious/close minded and does not tolerate my beliefs. I had to put the candle out and snuff out the incense real quick. I put everything away within seconds of him coming downstairs. He came downstairs to check on the woodburner. I acted like that’s what I was doing too. I wasn’t expecting him home so early, or I would have started a lot early in the morning.

Because I had to close up shop, so to speak, halfway through it, will Lucifer understand my sudden situation and accept what I had offered?

Also, would Lucifer accept menstruation blood as a blood offering? I haven’t offered that yet. I wasn’t sure if he would accept that or get offended by it. That’s why I haven’t offered it yet.

Thank you for your time…..

Many Blessings,



Dear S

During a ritual of any kind, it can be extremely frustrating to be disrupted. From pesky landlords, to our own children or pets (or both), we are rarely left in peace to do the dark lords work. The good thing to know is…that Satan Forgives 🙂 Still, if  you did not complete your ritual offering session in haste for any reason, then you will need to redo the entire ritual again from scratch. Let me explain.

When it comes to demonic contact, you are doing the ritual for a specific purpose, such as an offering for a pact; for praise; for thanks; for spell casting etc. The need to complete the ritual for success and acceptance of that ritual, depends on the reason your doing the ritual.

If the ritual was more of a meditative spiritual connection, where you light a candle, meditate for 5 to 30 minutes, and provide “quite” gratitude to your demon, then your ritual should be sufficient, and nothing more needs to be done. I would say your ritual is accepted, even though your candle did not burn to completion.

It is the ritual was more of a spell, where you were mid-way through the spell and you shut it down during the offering, you’ll need to redo the ritual from scratch. If you completed the offering, and you were allowing the candle to finish burning on its own – then I think all should be fine.

If your ritual consisted of a process such as – opening the space, calling to the demon, stating your purpose, giving your offering, meditation, closing the space, then the ritual will need to be repeated from the beginning with new candles and offerings. I will say there are always exceptions, and you yourself will know what can be reused. Trust in your own spiritual instincts.

A helpful tip on candles:

4″ Taper Candles

Using smaller candles such as 4″ tape candles can be perfect for the basic ritual or offering session.

These small candles take from 15 to 30 minutes to burn to completion, and that is more than enough time to finish the work.

I am really liking the idea of using glass seven-day candles for demon offerings. A candle can look really inconspicuous, and a seven-day glass candle doesn’t need constant supervision. A plain color glass enclosed candle can be brought in a variety of colours – so you can choose a color that is desirable to your demon.

I like to use black most the time. Therefore a near perfect tool for spiritual work done in public (where the work will be viewed by others.)

Instead of writing the offering information on a petition, and placing the petition under the candle, or writing over the glass of the candle, you could write your words or symbols under the base of the candle. This way, only you and the demon know the purpose of the candle.

Now let’s talk about menstrual blood.

Menstrual blood is a perfect offering for your own personal works. So use it where and when you can for offering and your own love work.

Blood is the most sacred substance there is to give a demon as an offering –  as blood means life itself. While many people enjoy using animal blood as an offering, and for some rituals and procedures animal blood is what you need to use, but the offering of your own blood means that you had to go through the pain of letting your blood through your own skin – living tissue – therefore a true personal sacrifice.

I’ve had guys students complained that it is unfair females get away with blood sacrifice easily – as women bleed every month and have a steady flow of supply ….useful for multiple purposes. While this may be true for some of us women, it is definitely not true for every woman. And also, the time of monthly menstruation is not exactly pain-free for many women, so why not take advantage of our natural process.

I’ll also point out here that not all demons ask for blood offerings, so if the idea of blood freaks you out then do a little research on the demon you’re giving praise to as they may prefer something like wine, alcohol, food offerings, or even an animal sacrifice.


Blessed Beast!