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There is no accident in my decision to spend the past year living in Hawaii. If anyone asked me why I moved to Hawaii, I would simply  answer, “..To swim in the ocean every day.” I do love to swim in the ocean, and have a great affinity for the water, but the reason for ocean swimming these days is more for spiritual cleansing than pure pleasure.

It was this time last year, I came to Oahu (A Hawaiian island In the Pacific Ocean), to spend two weeks by the beach, And recharge the batteries. I made a public announcement that I wasn’t spell casting all month. In a conversation to a fellow coven member, I remember telling her I felt a strong reason to stay on the island for a little longer. Hawaiian ancients had something to tell me, I could  just sense it.

The energy of the Hawaiian islands feels like a wise Old Grandfather ,who is willing to tell you a story if you can sit long enough to listen. Like all powerful Gods and Goddesses, they can provide the wisdom and guidance…. if you ask for it….and then punish you severely should you require a life lesson.

From first glance, A left-hand path practitioner can overlook the depth and strength of this ancient energy, if he or she can’t see past the heavy tourism, and more modern spiritual practitioners. Even the white locals who have lived in Hawaii have a story, or know someone who has had an experience with the “ancient” energy or spirits of this land. For me, Hawaiian sorcery is another example of why we modern witches need to look a little closer at more tribal magic – the true use of the elements in their rawest form.

Though very little survived of ancient Hawai’ian sorcery, and there is almost no documented history regarding its actual practices thanks to the Christian missionaries wiping out almost all traces of old Hawai’ian religion, the people of the Pacific islands all share a common ancestry, and with it, common myths and religious practices. The gods and stories throughout Hawai’i, Samoa, Tahiti, and New Zealand are all the same gods, with minor differences and slight spelling changes dependent on location. Using this knowledge along with what is still available in recorded documentation of old Hawai’ian culture and history, it is possible to get an idea of what was going on in the way of sorcery in Hawai’i, and the Pacific islands in general.(1)

So allow me to share a little history of Hawaiian magic or sorcery.

Powerful Goddess & Gods

Most all the Hawaiian Gods served a role in Hawaiian sorcery. Though not all of these gods were malevolent all of the time, they all did have some degree of malevolence that could be invoked by the knowledgeable sorcerer. There were also a number of other spirits, demons, sprits that they would employ to serve their desires.

One breakdown of the Hawaiian pantheon[2] consists of the following groups:

  • the four gods (ka hā) – Kū, Kāne, Lono, Kanaloa
  • the forty male gods or aspects of Kāne (ke kanahā)
  • the four hundred gods and goddesses (ka lau)
  • the great multitude of gods and goddesses (ke kini akua)
  • the spirits (na ʻunihipili)
  • the guardians (na ʻaumākua)

Another breakdown[2] consists of three major groups:

  • the four gods, or akua: Kū, Kāne, Lono, Kanaloa
  • many lesser gods, or kupua, each associated with certain professions
  • guardian spirits, ʻaumakua, associated with particular families

It is said King Kamehameha I, (the first chief to conquer all of the Hawaiian islands), employed the most powerful sorcerers to secure for himself all of the strongest gods worshiped by the ruling chiefs of the Hawaiian islands.

The list of Gods was many, but a few of these more power Gods include:


Christian missionaries equated him with the Devil and say he led a rebellion against the other gods, though this is debatable.

  • Ruled the Pacific.
  • Guardian of the underworld.
  • Lives in “the hidden” and is from the “outer void.”
  • He is the teacher of magic.
  • Ruler of the dead.
  • God of the underworld.
  • Former sorcerer/chief.
  • God invoked in rite of deification of the dead or restoration of life to the dead (necromancy).
  • Consecrated the dead to become guardian spirits.
  • Female principle deity invoked to kill enemies
  • Was a sorceress from the island of Maui who wrested the secrets of fire from the gods. Invoked to kill enemies.

Hawaiian Witches & Sorcerers

Hawaians had specific names for magical practices and practitioners.

Kahuna Skills:

You will just love the skill set of the Hawaiian Kahuna’s. What would you pay to have a witchcraft manual to learn the skills below? Like you will come to find out after years of studying the occult, this type of magick is so deeply underground and remote, you will never find out unless you are from that culture and tradition.

  • Kahuna ho’ounauna:
    • Necromancer.
    • Could find the root of an illness and exact revenge by sending sickness and trouble.
  • Kahuna o milu:
    • Sorcerers who work by night, sending out evil spirits.
  • Kahuna ana’ana:
    • Would practice in secret and at night, using parts of the victim (nails, hair, etc.) and would bury these to kill.
    • “Ana’ana” means “eater of filth.”
    • Would “pray people to death.”
  • Kahuna kuni:
    • Could use a corpse to find a murderer and get revenge (necromancy).
    • Also practiced divination by burning.
  • Kahuna ho’opi’opi and Kahuna pahiuhi’u:
    • Would mark roads with death spells.
  • Kahuna apo leo:
    • Would steal ones voice.

Other Terms:

  • Kahuna means a person who has mastered a given area of interest or profession.
  • Mana: Polynesians believed in something they called mana. Mana means strength, but not just in the physical sense. Mana is both magical power and the Life Force itself. Some kahuna were even said to have the mana of a god. Some schools of thought taught that sorcery was dependent on ones mana, while others seemed to have more in common with the common perception of traditional Voodoo or witchcraft.
  • Tiki: Many Polynesian sorcerers preferred the creation of fetchers, which we know of today as tiki. The tiki would be possessed by a powerful ancestor or nature spirit. Sorcerers would conjure the spirits of malevolent entities into their tiki to harm intended victims.
  • Heiau: Hawai’ian temples are called heiau, and many a bloody sacrifice has been offered up at these stone sacred places.


The island of Molokai was said to have been the strongest of all these schools of sorcery, as it had the most mana. Their sorcery was taught in dreams.


Blood Sacrifice & Vengeful Magick

It amuses me when people say I’m evil because I use blood in my modern magic practices. Almost all Gods Ask for blood sacrifice and offerings Including the modern Christian at the Abrahamic God (Remember the story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his first born son on the rock to honor him?)

From The Sacrifice of Isaac, by Caravaggio, 1603. Wikimedia


To be an effective left-hand path practitioner you have to get over your fear of offering blood, You don’t have to slaughter an animal on your altar (and definitely not your kid), but you need to know why blood offerings are important and essential.

The Hawaiians did not restrict their blood sacrifice to dogs, pigs, and chickens. Some rituals, including human sacrifice, were to be practiced by the ruling chief alone. This was usually done to ensure the favor of the war gods in battle. During times of war, the first two men to be killed were offered to the gods as sacrifices (2).

Hawaiian sacrifice, from Jacques Arago’s account of Freycinet’s travels around the world from 1817 to 1820.

In fact, Hawaii has a long history of human sacrifice and hiring sorcerers. Sorcerers were said to be able to hex a person to death by burning the individual’s excrement. Consequently, there were a lot of people who hid their feces. Conversely, urine was said to repel evil.

The gods themselves would possess certain people, and then these people were worshiped. When the possessed died, a sorcerer could then use his parts to summon the god that once possessed the deceased and send it forth to harm others.

As a modern practitioner, You may be reading this and thinking, “How would I ever Include any of these Hawaiian sorcery methods in my Witchcraft practices Without going to jail?” And of course the answer is That you couldn’t practice sorcery in the same manner as the old Hawaiian sorcerers. You can however Understand that the connection To the spiritual source Is paramount. Offering sacrifice and showing respect to your deity will change your ability to achieve results in your own work.

If you come to Hawaii, Make sure you set up an altar to one of these powerful spirits, and honor their name. I encourage you To research These Hawaiian gods further, And see if you can Work with any of them In your current Magic practices. You maybe blessed and have Milu on your side!

Blessed Beast!



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  1. Sorcery in the South Pacific by L. Hernandez


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