Akashic Records: The General Concept

So what are the Akashic Records?

Various interpretations have arisen depending on how one has experienced and witnessed the Records in their life. But on a general note: The Akashic Records are believed to be an old and massive repository of all things, events, acts, emotions, and thoughts coming from all humans that have ever existed in the physical realm.

Apart from providing key and accurate details about our past, the Akashic Records also provide us with information regarding the probabilities that can take place in our lives, or the “selves” that we can become in the future.

Each of us has an Akashic Record, each of us has the capacity to access our own Record and the Records of groups, events, and locations that we have been part of. Most importantly, each of us can treat the Akashic Records as a valuable, if not a supreme source of answers that can teach us how to become the best possible physical entities that we can be.

Experts in Akashic Record Accessing

Rudolf Steiner

For the educator, philosopher, and psychic from Austria named Rudolf Steiner; the Akashic Records allow all people to see and know the origins of everything that has physically existed in the physical world—which means everything that has transpired in the Earth. The said origins are invincible from the pangs of the ever-running worldly time. He noted that unlike the “history” produced through physical reality, the Akashic Records are associated with non-transitory history—the Records yield wisdom regarding past events, and can ultimately show any event’s eternal character.

Steiner also said that as physical beings, we can gain access to the Akasha Records via venturing on the spiritual plane. As soon as we become proficient with the skill of gaining entry to the Records, a sense of liberation towards our true selves arise: We become more capable of witnessing both spiritual and physical realities as the events unfold. The spiritual side of things will no longer be too foreign a concept that is previously difficult to grasp; it will be as natural to us as breathing is.


Helena Blavatsky

During the 19th century, a psychic from Russia named Helena Blavatsky noted that the Akashic Records are the essence of all energy types—psychic,  spiritual, and physical. She also believes that the Records have come into being, or are active, because of the Divine Spirit’s will.

Furthermore, she noted that the Chronicles not just permanent records of human histories and events—the nature of the Chronicles are dynamic and creative. The creative, dynamic, and “living” features of the Akashic Records show an important insight to how it can help us—in that these do not serve merely as a warehouse of data, but are empowering sources of truths regarding our past, which can significantly influence our present and future decisions.


Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, a widely-known contemporary psychic, views the Akashic Records as the reservoir, repository, or warehouse where heavenly memories are stored. He accessed the Records and used the information he gets to compose the data he relays during various psychic readings and services for other people.

He has a plethora of writings that recount his supposed journey to reach the Akashic Records—and one of his experiences show that the Akashic Records are found inside a non-structurally built hall, which in turn is located on the spiritual realm. He accesses the hall through entering a state of trance, or undertaking an out of body experience, to travel towards the spiritual plane.

Once he finds himself successfully gaining entry inside the “Hall of Records”, he also becomes aware of an old man’s presence. This man will give him the particular book or Akashic Record of the person whom he gives the psychic reading to. Cayce then selects the information inscribed in the particular Akashic Record that he deems to be most valuable to the person’s concerns.


Based on these accounts, we can gain an essential insight regarding the Akashic Records and people’s various interpretations of it: That regardless of how we perceive the Chronicles, of how we use several different labels to refer to the same entity, and of how we gain access to it—the Akashic Records exist, and has a practical role in the lives of all physical entities.

For those who are aware of its importance, they know that Akashic Records must not be treated as a  disposable resource of knowledge. Much is to be learned. The Akashic Records exist not only to record, but also to be explored, and accessed to know and understand the past lives, to find out about relatives that lived during antediluvian eras, to discover truths about various historical events.

Each of our own akashic record is a powerful means that can aid us in realizing who we truly are, in finding ourselves and enhancing our capacities, in enabling us to lead our lives in the best and most fitting way possible, in creating for ourselves the best realities and lives that we can possibly lead, and in letting ourselves become moulded into our finest forms.

By accessing the Akashic Records, the best of our lives is within reach.


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