Dear Savannah, You asked me to write the story about my client and Archangel Michael…as some people can be inspired by what happened..

I have been working for many years now as a hypnotherapist and I suppose during hypnotyzing my clients I gained a skill of putting myself as well into trance quickly, and possibly naturally growing into “seeing more”.

One of the stories I would like to share is a story of a client who came to visit me for a “relationship problem”. He was well

He was well educated, professional middle age man, who seemed to not have any luck with women, he mentioned that was for 2 years on a dating site and none ever wrote to him!

While he was telling his story he became quite emotional about it and it was clear he wants to create a meaningful relationship in his life.

I did what I always do, so asked him to relax on the chair and started a hypnotic induction speaking with a calm and soothing voice, I must have gone into some sort of trance myself, as I started to “see” differently, I have sensed and seen that room became very grey and suddenly I noticed with the corner of my eyes some entity, looking quite scary, standing next to my client.

If I could describe a feeling, sensation I had, it was like seeing suddenly a mouse in the room, this thing just attracted my attention. It was huge and grey, standing next to him (in his aura).

I didn’t feel any special emotions, just was an observer.

I kept talking with this soothing,hypnotic voice , but there was clearly something there!

I had an immediate thought this is some low entity, and as I grew up as Catholic I knew Archangel Michael is the one to ask for help.

What happened next was shocking to me and by now one of the most extraordinary spiritual experiences of my life!

I just saw an eagle attacking this entity and taking away this thing like a mouse! So it was gone! It happened so quickly and unexpectedly!

Room got brighter, atmosphere in the room got lighter and my client took a really deep breath….(bare in my I am talking all the time and programming his unconscious mind into a positive change).

I didn’t tell my client what I saw and experienced, I was just curious of his reaction after we finished and I brought him back to a normal level of consciousness..

He said he felt like something been lifted out of his chest…

While he paying for his session he started to receive chat messages from the dating website he was for almost 2 years and none contacted him before…He could not believe it! What a timing…

Later on he told be he was a member of masonery, well, clients will not always tell you the whole story what they do, who they are, what practices they are involved in.

My ebst


London – UK