Readers Story

In the military I studied books by John Deere and Sir Arthur Waite simply out of curiosity. Upon returning home in 1993, after Desert Storm I attended a festival by invitation. It was a pagan Fair of sorts. Tarot readers, people explained different occult topics and various workshops​.

That night as the sun set they began drumming. They lit a bonfire and called upon some Dragon to show itself. The leader wore a white Robe. They were a Druid fellowship. Just as the fire reached 25 ft in height, the leader called again the Dragon and thrust into the Earth a two handed sword.

Immediately there was a screach as I have never heard and the form of a Dragon’s head came out above the fire. The sound was dreadful. Everyone present bowed to the image and then the bonfire suddenly extinguished itself and all was quiet under a full moon.

Well after the bonfire I felt a strange kinship to the earth and the Element of Fire. Turns out being Scorpio had a little to do with that.

My grandmother Mauck, ( maiden name was Cherry. Three quarter Lakota Souix) She had a natural gift of telling you things well before the fact that it happened.  If my mother asked about her sister,  Grandma would say, ” hmm. As she closed her eyes and thought. ” then reply” Brenda in on I-465, She’ll be home in 20 minutes “. Sure enough, Mom would call and was just as Grandma had seen.

She had a gift for knowing the whereabouts of people, lost objects, etc. Sometimes, objects in their old house built circa 1850. Would be right in front of you on the diner table. Then suddenly be gone. Grandma would say something in the Souix tongue ” Onay ka  neechee  wa” something baffling to a young man, and immediately the object would reappear. She tell the ” dark ones” mess with her and they Great Spirit would deal harshly with them.

After my bonfire experience. She walked around me again and again.. Giggling she pointed her boney finger at me and said ” See Grandmother is not crazy!! And laughing said Welcome to my world!!”..

That really started my quest for more information about my experience.


Story Submission by Jeffrey
Mooresville, IN USA