Let me tell you a funny story. Not all spell casting is scary or spirits coming to torment us. I once had a spell backfire on me before I even cast it. At the time it wasn’t funny but these days I can laugh about it.


A long time ago, my Atheist flat mate was pissing me off with his bad attitude and rude remarks. I decided to make a poppet to give him explosive diarrhea to make me laugh because I didn’t want to hurt him and I knew he couldn’t afford a new home so he was not leaving. Knowing he does not believe in the supernatural at all, I thought he would be an easy target.

I had my poppet and spell all set up and ready to go on Saturday night, then got distracted by a call and had to leave everything and go out. I didn’t do the spell at all.

Next day, at work I was in meeting and lucky for me the toilet was close by. In my meeting, from out of nowhere, I had to shit and I ran to the toilet. It came out like soup for 15 loud minutes.

The customer could hear my ass blowing like a trumpet…pppfffttt….Zzzzzztttt…….bbbllluuurrrpp.

After I finished shitting for 15 minutes (that felt like 1 hour had gone by), I wanted to die of shame and embarrassment. I walked back to see customer still there.

She wanted to know I was okay and then she left.

I never cast the spell on him to give him explosive diarrhea nor did I eat anything bad in the time since I cast it on him. Yet, some force out there decided to give me a taste of my own medicine. After that, I just stayed away from him while at home.