A word of warning do not approach him if you are very new to working with demons or lack occult knowledge.

Although I have seen spiritual life since I was a very young child, my experiences working with or communicating with Demons is limited to a handful of paranormal experiences over the decades.

For the last few months I have been a student in the ‘Working With Demons Course’ and the veil between their world and mine has thinned substantially. Perhaps they were waiting for me to get off the fence I was sitting on for so long?

Having watched Black Witch S’ video ‘The Foil Sigil for Demon Evocation’ method I was curious to try this out see and feel what happened. When BWS did this in the video with Amon I could see things in the video happening and feel a presence with me in my room. It was very enticing and exciting to watch!

Having first tried this method with Bune, I conversed with someone online that did the foil method too and our experiences were very similar with Bune. Over time, I worked solely with Bune and used the sigil method in my practice with Bune on a daily basis. My results in my magick have been very good so far.

As time progressed and weeks went by, I was curious to reach out to other demons and ‘feel’ their energies, get to know their character and introduce myself too. One day, I had 10 demon sigils lined up on my altar I randomly picked from my 72 foil sigils I had drawn up on foil. I lay the 10 sigils out on my altar in front of me. What I was really trying to test is how ‘real’ my impressions were of the experience with foil evocation vs imagination. I didn’t know who the 10 demon sigils belonged to as I didn’t write their names on the sigil foil piece, I just drew the sigil.

VS – Goetia Sigils

I picked one sigil that I felt drawn to, put the blood on and meditated. Immediately I felt the connection. Pulsating and electric shocks around my forearm and hand. Then, I saw visions of myself as this exceptionally beautiful woman in flowing robes, my hair and skin was glowing. In this vision, I looked and felt exceptionally beautiful. Within another couple of minutes, it started to feel like my breasts were being gently touched. After that, even though I was in sitting position, I felt like I was making love and being penetrated.

Then a handsome man vaguely appeared in this vision. He began to make love to my mind and body. My whole body had waves of erotic electricity throughout it from head to toe. I then had to…a hem…finish the pleasure myself all the way to climax. It was extremely erotic, sensual and loving. An orgasmic experience like nothing I had ever felt. It was like this man in the vision knew me so well and how to turn me on. This whole experience was about 15 to 20 minutes in total.

After that, and I gathered myself together, freshened myself up and once ready to find out who this mystery demon was. I googled ‘72 Goetic Demons’ and looked up who the sigil belonged to. It was Duke Zepar and I read about his skills when it comes to love and lust amonst other things. I searched occult forums for other people’s experiences.

Firstly, I noticed 99% of the information came from male perspective. Duke Zepar sure can help you get the ladies if you are a man. Secondly, people wrote about how fantastic the sexual experience was for not just themselves but the women as well. Now, I am a woman and I am not interested in multiple men. I am interested in one man that does it right for me! Duke has agreed to help me with certain terms and conditions being met by him and I.


Experiment confirmed that the impressions and sensations I felt were not imagination and that Duke Zepar and I connected. as the visions I saw and the sensations I felt corresponded to his personality; lust, erotica and highly sexual. He was a handsome man in my vision too, just as described by others that work with him.

That was my introduction to Duke Zepar in late March 2017 and now it is early May 2017. I have been working with Duke Zepar since then and it has been a very interesting and entertaining experience to say the least.

Even though my working relationship with him is far from complete or over, I find his energy very powerful and strongly masculine. When he first appeared at my altar I saw waves of heat (fire) come off him and I felt like a heater was next to my body. In addition to that, I felt like I was on strong amphetamines or I had just drunk 20 coffees. My heart was palpitating LOUDLY in my chest, I couldn’t sleep for hours after I saw him briefly (it was very briefly appearance).

That is another thing I find with Duke Zepar, he is in for a flash, tells you the message tells you what to do and what he wants in return and then off he goes. Don’t waste his time with long questions or moaning about your crappy love and sex life. Personally, I don’t think he likes to her you moan in a complaining way, but rather a sensual way.

Duke Zepar took one look at me at the alter and told me what I was doing wrong within seconds. He is blunt, to the point and sugar coats nothing when telling you how to fix things that you may be doing wrong to repel a suitable lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whoever you are trying to draw into your life. Duke Zepar doesn’t care about your feelings either. He will tell you what to fix about yourself.

I felt like crying and telling him he was mean, but truth hurts sometimes. Funnily enough, the day after Duke Zepar’s advice I bumped into a person in my apartment complex ‘Joe’. Joe is like an annoying little brother, harmless but always playing a joke on you. He told me he has secretly taken photos of me in the communal areas over the last few days for a laugh. I thought that was odd as he never does things like that. He pulled out his camera and showed me the pictures. I looked awful! My hair was a mess, the clothes stretched, mismatched and shapeless, I had put on a few kilos and the double chin was gross. I looked fat and frumpy. One of Duke Zepar’s messages was in public I dress horribly and need to fix that asap or no sexy man that I want will come near me! Not only that, if I don’t change my physical appearance he can’t be bothered to help me. Change or off I go. I decided to take his manly advice. I have potential like all women to be super sexy but got a bit lazy over the last couple of years.

Since his words of wisdom and implementing his direct advice in other areas of my life, I have noticed improvements already in my appearance and attitude towards relationships when interacting with the opposite sex. As my physical changes are taking place the improvements will go from minor to major I have been foretold. Duke Zepar has also warned me in the coming months he is going to take me out of my comfort zone when it comes to love and relationships but it will be for my own good. Yikes! This Duke does not play around.

So what does this Duke want in return? He will let you know 😉


Student – D-613