Let’s talk about death baby

Let’s talk about you and thee

Let’s talk about all the past things

And the new things

That death be

Let’s talk about change….

With Salt n Peppa dancing through my head I thought I’d scribble down a few words on the Tarot Card Death.

As you know, I read a lot of cards (obvs) and when XIII rides in I know I have some explaining to do.

A fair few querents see the death card as an ominous warning. And I suppose, with the rattling skeleton devoid of flesh it can seem that way. More to the point it will be if (i) you don’t like change (ii) are determined to live in the past or (iii) wish to turn back time.

But what does it mean?

It means change. It’s a major arcana so it means BIG change. Irrevocable change. But following that, comes RE-birth. When welcomed, this card is one of liberation, of growth and of new beginnings. It’s a new moon in Tarot. And that’s delicious!

There is a price to pay for the adventure ahead of you of course, and the price is the past or, depending on your attitude, the present. I use the word attitude as to me, it’s about mindset. If in the present, you are living in the past, holding on to a dying dream, the death card is a preparatory warning that change is upon you and “resistance is futile” – Borg, Star Trek.

I urge clients to embrace the transformation. Lean in and allow yourself to be swept away. The painful part is holding on, not letting go.

‘…we must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come…’ – Joseph Campbell, Reflections on the Art of Living.

Do you have a change coming?