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The Witch, the Pact and the Tabloid

Where to even start with that kind of mess?  A reporter who smells a story in an area she knows nothing about A tabloid editor who wants a salacious headline Pedestrian ignorance Judeo-Christian prejudice Internet trolls And a witch who’s helping a family in their time of need. Most importantly, Black Witch Savannah NEVER claims she can cure anyone of anything. Ever. I should know, I work with this woman every day. I help answer some of the hundreds of emails we receive weekly and I assure you no such claims were/are made. This instance was no different. I won’t share what was said or done as frankly, it’s none of anyone else’s business. What we do, is work on trying to help people on a spiritual plane. We petition gods, goddesses, deities and yes, demons for assistance in manifesting our and our clients requests. This works for us. To the haters, the bandwagon sheep and the perpetually offended, have a cookie, a wank, and get on with your own lives.  It’s taken too long for me to post this and my sincerest apologies to those who looked for my support and didn’t see it. – BG...

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Any very cheap and affordable money spell ideas?

QUESTION: Dear BWS, Any really cheap spell (I am broke)  yo find a good job back in my hometown?   I had to come to another city to teach because in my hometown there we’re NO jobs. Now I’m stuck here with a meager part-time job, whereas back at home, language schools (I teach English as a foreign language)  are mushrooming again. Problem: despite being in the same country, people won’t interview me cause I live at a distance of 6 hours by train and cannot drive. They want candidates already there. And having, remember, I work part-time, to mountain...

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Diary of a Gypsy Witch – My Goddess Archetypes Tarot Reading

I found a new spread to try this afternoon, The Goddess Archetypes spread by KiKi Dombrowski. Anyone who knows me knows how the word “Goddess” alone has me stretching my neck and twitching my head like a Meerkat on guard, so I was shuffling within minutes of discovering it. I always keep my eye out for spreads that can help me illuminate answers the querents needs to hear. Using the archetypes here was such a relatable way to direct the cards. I’ll be adding this to my repertoire for the right reading of course, but today, it’s for me…...

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Connecting to Source

  (WTF is…) Connecting to Source ?!?! If you only take home one thing from this post please, please, please let it be this: Getting ‘into state’ is the single most important part of any magical/divinatory shenanigans! If you’re not connected to source energy, you’re not practicing magic. ‘Into state’ simply means to be connected to source and ‘source’ is source energy. Source energy differs depending on what path you’re following. It might be a peerless deity, or a Shangri-La of Gods, Goddesses, Spirits or Daemons, or it can be an eternity of universal energy. Whatever it is to...

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Yes, No, Maybe So – Pendulum Love

Let’s just start with me being luminously clear, I am in no way proclaiming that this is the be all and end all of pendulum use, I’m just sharing how I use mine. As I practice divination, I find it an invaluable tool. Firstly, choosing the pendulum, the fun part! They’re made from all sorts of crystals, metals or stone, often kite shaped, though some people use something more personal like a ring, there are so many options. I’ve seen some cool ones that have a chamber in them to tuck herbs or other magical paraphernalia inside. I believe...

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Herbs I use to improve psychic power and induce visions

  There are a variety of tools I use to enhance my connection to source when I’m perceiving. Below are the herbs I use to improve psychic power and induce visions. The most important thing you can do is prepare the herb/s properly. Therefore, I’m a little sceptical of some readymade brews, as not all the ingredients work if you prepare them the same way. (I pay less attention to the smoking blends as, while an ingredient may not be at its best being smoked, you don’t tend to ruin another ingredient like you would if you boiled a...

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Diary of a Gypsy Witch: December 2016

Artemis struck her target, flung her moon bow over her shoulder and slammed back her tequila. “My work here is done” she said, as she strolled off to meet Midnight for a game of mischief. Something has clicked into place this week, something powerful. Twice. And the week hasn’t even ended yet. Some celestial powers must be in perfectly alignment for me. See, I felt a shift, a magical groundswell, a quake along my metaphysical fault lines which caused an eruption of magical ju-ju. The first time, was during a sigil spell a few days ago. It was a...

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The Vesica Pisci Symbol

Symbols – Vesica Pisci This gorgeous piece is one of two pendants I got from a my favorite store in Sydney for my most recent birthday, 8/8. I was originally going to get one large, probably crystal definitely magical, power pendant or ring. I was captivated by this one, not only for all the womb of the world/goddess/yoni/divine feminine splendidness that the Vesica Piscis conveys, but also for the soothing aquatic balance it offers my fiery lioness. And of course I didn’t miss the significance of the 8/infinity symbols either. This piece was destined for me. About Vesica Pisci The...

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You need to learn various forms of meditation, because you will all need them: void meditation, focused meditation, visualizing. It’s not enough to know how to meditate, you need to practice it regularly, at least 3 times a week, preferably more often. Read More about “Meditation”

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