…One of the questions I had wanted to ask you was I’m I guaranteed a successful pact as long as I keep my end of the bargain, an honor my word?

I also wanted to know what’s the best way to increase my bond an partnership with the daemon I work with?

I plan to honor this pact 100% and be impeccable with my word, any help an wisdom you can provide along the way is extremely appreciated.

Thank you for your time again Savannah.

K (Name Withheld for Privacy)


Greetings K,

Firstly, I’d like to take a moment and just commend you on your decision of placing your trust in the ancient gods. As we move into the age of aquarius, more and more people are questioning old religious doctrines, and more actively participating in our traditional hands-on “Pagan” practices.

The demons in which you request an audience with, are ancient beings – many of which are not of this earth. Each of these demons brings energy that we on the left-hand path like to utilize for our own needs.

Believe me when I tell you that the descriptions offered in many old Goetia style texts do not fully elucidate the true ability of these ancient demons. Also, solomon’s description of demons and the stories he told about containing the demons, gives an impression that demons can be somehow controlled, and that demons fear human punishment so deeply they will do anything for the human to avoid the punishment.

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In other texts based on the goetia demons, the simple description of the demon skills and abilities, gives false hope to the modern sorcerer. The new occultist believes that should he/she follow “Ikea” style instructions on the demonic invocation or evocation…..Then volla! A demon is guaranteed to appear before your very eyes……And……If you’re very nice…..The demon will grant your every wish.

Now, I’ve been doing this type of work for a very long time now. I must be in the triple digits when it comes to all types of left hand path casting and daemonic contact. I’ve contacted demons from around the world – from many various cultures and civilizations. Yet still – I’m growing old, I can still catch a cold, and I don’t have $1 billion in the bank.  The point is that there are no guarantees.

Why are there no guarantees on demon pacts?

I do not ever use the words guarantee and success together. Let’s look at what the words pact and guarantee means:

PACT: a formal agreement between individuals or parties.

GUARANTEE: Provide a formal assurance or promise, especially that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transaction


I understand the confusion around why people believe their demonic pact will be guaranteed. The definition states both parties to the pact will formally complete their stated conditions. What people actually want, is an instant delivery of requested desires from the demon, without a time period to provide the demon stated offerings.

Let me say it in a different way, using the analogy of buying a car from a car dealer. People expect to drive the car straight of off the car lot without paying so much as a deposit, and then give excuses as to why they can’t find the time to make further repayments. People want the benefits BEFORE they pay their dues!

Deamons do not need to offer formal assurance to our fickle human wants. Us humans change our needs according to our level of personal growth and our environmental needs. Most of us do not appreciate the journey towards personal “success” and once we have received our desires, there is no stop to acknowledge the attainment of old goals, as the new personal needs ensure dissatisfaction of ones current state of being.

So if one made a demon pact asking for example, for ….Knowledge, power, wealth, and success, consider:

How would you measure each outcome?

What is your definition of each?

What actions are you currently taking, to show sincerity towards meeting your goals?

In what timeframe do you expect to have your goals actualized?

One could not expect the demon to guarantee your continuous effort toward your own desires, as you yourself may lose interest over time. The demon will only guarantee attention towards your “Case”. There is no guarantee the demon will take action toward your request.

In many cases, a demon will get creative if you forget your pact or your goals – and may “Shake things up” in your life, just to get you focused again. Asking for wealth without a plan on how you could take actions towards building wealth, can create “Exciting” opportunities for demons to bring you what you asked for.

The same can be said if your demon pact was requesting to be a “Rock Star” – but you have never sung to a single person as you have a fear of rejection. There are hundred of stars who have killed themselves as a result of too much fame too fast, and not having the right personality type to handle the fame. Demons can and will become creative to people who desire a “lazy” and ungrateful path.

Don’t be disheartened by what I am sharing with you. I’m sure you have been reading in many forums, books, and websites including the black witch coven website, on how demons can significantly assist you in achieving many objectives. The key takeaway from reading this answer, is to not assume or demand a guarantee from your spiritual practices, but to invest your time and effort into continuous learning and practice aka acquiring wisdom!

What is the best way to increase my bond with a demon?

When I complete your pact, I provide you my personal advice in the form of a short report. Each interaction with a demon is slightly different – and your personal advice on how to increase the chance of the pacts success is written. Sometimes, the demon will asks for small offerings, and other times, the offering requested can seam somewhat difficult to do or give up.

Some people will find out later, during personal offering time, if the demon wants additional offerings from you. This is normal and ok – do what the demon asks of you over what I suggest to you in the report. The report is based on my own ritual for you, and you are expanding your spiritual relationship with the demon over time, by tailoring your rituals to your demon.

Even if you are all giving offerings to Lucifer, each person maybe offering the demons different objects in various rituals. There is NO standard one way. I do not edit the demonic feedback. I am just the mediator between the two parties – you and the demon.

In my humble opinion, I believe that should you wish to immerse yourself in the left-hand path, your strategy has to include a deeper spiritual practice, then just a one on one “Personal demon” to request wants and needs.

There will be times in your future, when you don’t have any requests to ask from the spirits. This is when you’re just giving praise, and living in a state of gratitude. You will start to know when spirit is in your life. You’ll still have your goals, and spirit will be there helping you learn your life lessons. This is how you increase your bond with the demons.