Ghost Removal Ritual

Ask yourself these questions first…

1. Are you sure it’s a ghost associated with the property and not a relative
just visiting?
2. Do you recognize the energy of the being? Make sure it isn’t a spirit guide.
3. What events, if any, happened prior to you noticing the disturbances? House
remodeling, baby was born, you brought a new pet into the home? Sometimes pets
and children attract ‘fairies’ to play and protect them. If the fairy is being a
nuisance, you can ask them to stop.
4. Did you buy or acquire any antiques recently? Sometimes they can have a
spirit attached.
5. Is the place known to be haunted? Was there a death there in the past?
6. Did someone in you know recently pass away?
7. Did you try asking what it wants? That alone may get rid of it.

Having an uninvited spirit in new house can be a real pain in the bum. You probably even brought this spirit in the house yourself, playing around with Ouija boards and not knowing what you doing.

This is a basic ritual for beginners to remove a ghost. There is nothing scary about this process. You will be perfectly fine. It is used by many white witches including pagans and wiccans.

Once you know it is an earth bound spirit that doesn’t belong there, you need
to decide what deity you will invoke to protect you and to cross it over. I
suggest Archangel Micheal or Hecate. They work with ghosts. But there are many
others you can petition, such as Anubis or Papa Legba.
Then you will need either Archangel incense and/or candle, or hecate incense, and
some of our ‘ghost removal’ or if it’s very negative, scary or harmful,
‘exorcism’ incense.
First, ask the deity to help and offer the incense/candle/wine or whatever you
have chosen. Tell them that you have a soul that needs to be released from
your living space. And for your protection while this portal is open, and to
please close it up after the spirit is gone.


Put out the offerings.


Ask deity for help. I also call on the entities ancestors, as well as mine to escort the spirit away.


Then, light the loose incense ghost removal or exorcism. Visualize a ‘light’ tube with vacuum suction coming out of the sky and covering your entire property. It will ‘suck’ anything harmful out. Visualize the spirit not having
a hiding place, since the place is flooded with light and suction.


Walk counter clockwise in each room smudging with the incense while visualizing it leaving. Go in closets, showers, outside yards, etc.
You will ‘feel’ when you are done.


Thank the deity for helping, visualize the tube of light disappering and all portals closing, and that should be the end of it.

Usually once is enough, but sometimes a second ritual is needed if it’s a stubborn one.