Money magick is a popular spell choice for all of us at some point in our magickal careers. Commonly, the new spell caster will perform a spell to obtain a million dollars or more (or some crazy amount of money). And why not ask for a ton of money? If you’re going to do a spell, you might as well go large or go home right? Well, if you are thinking this way then you are not alone in your thinking. Most people ask for “money” as the spells goal or outcome.

So when a million dollars does not appear by the end of the week, the spell is seen as a failure. The spell caster looses faith in their magickal abilities, and may even stop practicing magick. Or they see the witch who may have cast the spell for them as unsuccessful (to say the least.) So in this blog I will share with you a tip or two on what I like to share with those whom buy money spells from me, and what I do myself for my own wealth manifestation.

The rituals and ingredients to obtain money magic success are quite straightforward. In fact, the ingredients are often the easiest to obtain, and you’ll easily source these from your kitchen cupboard, or occult stores, depending on your magickal tradition. Popular money witchcraft and hoodoo rituals include mojo bags (gris gris bags); honey jars; candle work; full moon spells, and offerings to deities and spirits. In occult circles we like to also include perhaps sigils; planetary seals; demon pacts; and evocation rituals. However, none of these are better or worse than the next, if the spells petition is not clear to the universe.

Let me give you a little analogy to explain why I mean about creating a clear intention.

Say that you’re a mother of two children with a job that you hate. You always make enough to pay your rent, feed the family, and put gas in your car. You would just HATE to loose your job, as there are no savings, therefore life is quite stressful.


You decide to cast a magic spell to bring you more money. You have never cast a magic spell before, but you feel comfortable in doing a simple Green candle money spell with herbs and oils and a simple petition. Your not too sure of what you are doing, but you ask the candle for enough money to provide security for you and your children. In your mind, you picture what life would be like if you didn’t have the stress of making ends meet each week. You see yourself as a happier mother, and having more time to spend at home with the children. You imagine taking the kids away on a vacation which they’ve never had. As you talk to your candle “daydreaming” about “what ifs” you hardly notice the time past, and the candle self extinguish.


A week passes by, and you momentarily think about the moment you had with the candle last week. You haven’t received any money “out of the blue” or from any mysterious sources. You think your spell has failed, and write it off as not having “real” magickal ability. Worst still, the last week at your job has been extremely stressful, and the company you work for is laying off workers every day.


By the next week, you have forgotten about the money spell you cast completely. Upon your arrival at work that morning, you receive a termination notice – “effective immediately”! While you are packing the objects from your desk into a cardboard box, you call your best friends to share the news. You can see yourself and your kids living from a homeless shelter already.


As you arrive home, you see three of your friends and their children gathering by your front door. You see your own kids laughing and playing with their friends.  Your heart is heavy with the thought of sharing this terrible news with the children. But you fake a smile, and  walk towards the small group.


Your friends are also smiling, and wanting you to sit down as they have something to ask you. “We know you have always wanted to start a business at home to be with your children, and we would also like to pay you to be our before and after school care provider.” You had already thought about this idea years ago, and looked into the requirements. But the idea of leaving a secure job to start your own business was too risky. Now, there was no blockage to achieve your dream.


Even after expenses, and offering  a “friends rate” child care service, you would be doubling your income effective immediately.


So what can you take away from this story? I hope your take away from this isn’t to go get a green candle and spend the night wishing (but you can if you want)! Because this applies to all classes of spellcasting. Depending on your own magical ability this little story could be 100% revolutionary to your money magick spellcasting, or perhaps you could just refine the making of your magical petitions.

Getting clear on the outcome and how the outcome would change your life needs to be written (or spoken) clearly at the point of spellcasting. So when you’re casting the spell, you are passionate and your emotion is raw. To the spiritual world, or the universe, it means “this spell is really important to me so please make it come true!”

Also, providing an environment for the magic to manifest is essential. In the case above, we see how life can sometimes get worse once a spell is cast. This is a stressful period as we don’t know that the spell is in fact manifesting behind the scenes, and there is a higher plan for us. Instead many people choose to stress out about the spell, and by doing this stressing and complaining the spell actually dissipates.

The focus needs to be on finding solutions for the problem. The woman in the case above had seriously considered the opening a child care centre before, but then thought it a dream, and didn’t wish to risk the families income and stability. The magick had to take away the obstacle of the crappy job she hated, to give her the desired goal of having more security.

Magickal energy follows the path of least resistance. You must make it easy for your spells to manifest by understanding the points I’ve discussed above and apply these to your own money spells.

Please let me know if this makes a difference to your results.

Blessed beast!

BW Savannah


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