Is it ok to blend different systems of magick?

Today, we live in the age of the chaos magician, a term given to magicians who do not take part in any particular tradition, but do what they feel works.While I myself can wear many left hand path hats – witch, sorcerer, demonologist, voodoo witch, occultist, pagan, necromancer – I really am a Chaos Magican.

However, this seems to offend many ‘traditionalists.’ They claim that these chaos magicians aren’t treating their traditions with respect, or ‘doing them right.’ They also claim that unless you follow a single tradition, you cannot become proficient in that system, and/or proficient to the extent of having success.

However, I have found that while traditions are fantastic, and some things certainly shouldn’t be picked apart, there is nothing wrong with practicing multiple traditions and blending them as they see fit, or even taking aspects of different traditions and using them in your own practice. By that definition, though, we are all chaos magicians.

Look at the Golden Dawn. This system is a blending of Egyptian, Jewish, Greek, and other systems, yet it’s adherents are often traditionalists. Not all of them, of course, but many that I have personally encountered, as have others I know. The practice of voodoo and hoodoo in the USA today is such a fusion of various traditions and cultural adjustments, that it is practiced nothing like it is back in Africa. Still, you can’t argue this point with a person practicing Voodoo or Hoodoo, as most will claim they are purists!

In the old days, when Magick was passed word of mouth, when it was intermingled with religion and ancestry, traditions were pure. There were many traditions, practically one unique system for each lineage or family line that practiced. But as time went on, we as a species became more connected, and similar lineages unified into traditions. And as we grew more, these lineages began to blend even more.

I suppose the point I am driving at here is, if a tradition works for you, use it. If you want to learn multiple traditions and blend them, do so. However, if you do this, treat the traditions with respect and research them, so you know the deeper significance of the art you are using.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. Don’t get too serious and loose yourself in the process. Magick is to add to your life, not take it away and make you a dull person.

As always, I’d love your thoughts.

Blessed beast

Black Witch S



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