Can D.U.M.E Spells and Ritual be Reversed?

Client who purchased DUME candles and hexing spells has now forgiven the target of their hatred. She wrote to me to ask about reversing the work. She said, “What happens when you forgive the person you hexed/cursed?”

When I read such a question I let out a long sigh. The first thing that I think about is the target of the curse and the fact that they also have a story about what happened in the relationship with the client. People in general, have issues with communication and in expressing their wants, needs, and desires. Frustration leads to anger, and anger being the useless emotion it is, leads to people making regrettable decisions. Now that the couple has worked through their challenges, my client would like to start fresh and be happy with their loved one.

I also become frustrated because I do make it perfectly clear on the spell page that hexing and cursing work especially when it comes to the assignment of a spiritual entity to an individual. for most part is irreversible. My spell casting method, allows me to release the spell on completion, and never to look back. What is done is done. When I ask my clients for background on the situation I do so for two reasons.

When I ask my clients for background on the situation I do so for two reasons.

Firstly, it Is to assess whether the hexing and cursing is really the best option for the client. All spells and spellcasting techniques are not created equally and therefore, for example, if you are just annoyed with a person, you would want to do a specific type of spell (perhaps without any spiritual or energy assignment). However, if you want to be extremely vicious then you’d use a different type of technique with long term, more destructive consequences.

Another example is that if you really love somebody and hope to get back with him again in the future, you will want to work on spells that help them look favorably towards you, and perhaps work on both of you to let go of the past hurts – so think of healing, past life clearing, chakra alignment work and so on. Placing hexing work on your “temporary X” will not help your ex be in the right state of mind to fall back in love with you, or work on the relationship.

Secondly, I need to develop a case against the target during spell preparation. The case is written into the spell petition, and during the spell, the target is found and the spirit is assigned to the aura. The assignment is for the entire life of the target – so the spirit or servitor is permanently released from the spellcaster to the target. The ability for the person to be effected by the hex largely depends on the strength of their aura and spiritual defenses. People with weak auras, can be affected almost immediately. In other cases, the spirit may decide they like the target, and possess the individual, using their energy for the spirits own desire.

So what can happen if you forgive the target?

Forgiveness is always the best solution regardless. Forgiveness is a personal decision to let go of the hate you hold against another person, that only you can make. You have released yourself from the feelings of anger and resentment and bitterness – toxic emotions that eat away at your own soul and not of the target. Forgiveness allows you to find peace within yourself, so you can put a smile on your face, and find more positive things to think about. So forgiving a person and moving forward no matter what they did, is your own personal freedom from a shitty situation.

Even if you had placed a hex, you have to own that decision and the consequences from that action. If you see the target in your daily life because you have chosen to forgive that person and let them back into your daily existence, then you will also see the effects of the hex. DUME work is about taking down your target in the worst possible manner. The toxic nature of this spell can overflow to others in the targets environment. Therefore, you could also be drawn into the unravelling of the individual, or subject to hostility as the target begins to “loose their mind.”

The steps needed to reverse a black magic demonic curse that you have placed (or that a spellcaster has placed), requires professional assistance. In many cases only a clairvoyant with specific skills, experience, and knowledge, can go into the other plane where magic manifests and lives, to see the extent of damage. This highly specialized individual, does the reversal and/or removal spell work, and in many cases will have to perform extensive repair work. So it’s not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

If you’re looking to help the person you’ve hexed, you can try energy work to strengthen their aura. There are various types of energy healers – reiki and pranic healing are just two styles of energy work. The idea is to free the blocked charkas from their dirty and stuck states, through various energy cleansing techniques. Healing can also be done through the charkas. This will make the person feel better temporarily, but will not remove the spell itself.

I share this information with you, to give an idea about what happens after a hex or curse is performed, so the decision to place a hex or curse is done with consideration.

And I’ll leave you with this final thought……..

If you break a glass vase, you may be able to glue the vase together again, however, the vase will never look the same, and cannot be trusted to hold water ever again.