Client Question

“……your love spell put my boyfriend and I back together, however, he is still a chronic womanizer, and I had to break up with him!”

During the casting of love spells, we spellcasters may have a deep in site into the issues within the relationship once we open the doors to the other side.  This can be frustrating when you’re wanting love spells on a budget, as you may have only saved up enough money for a specific type of spell. However, it is also the job of the spellcaster, especially an honest witch, not to just tell you everything will be fine, but to give you some insight on some of the challenges moving forward. Challenges the client will already know, but choose to ignore due to their broken heart.

Last week a client ordered a love spell which successfully put the couple back together. She was over the moon with the result of the spell, but the issues within the relationship were still too much for the client to accept. She ended the relationship due to his womanizing. Now she wonders if they can get back together again? And also, do some spells to sub his womanizing ways!

I’m sure we have all fallen in love with the mesmerizing narcissist. They will make us feel like gold one minute, and the next minute when our back is turned, they are off flirting with the next victim. But don’t take this personally. He will do this with or without you in his life. It is his personality type! He was like this before and he will be like this in the future.

As a spellcaster, I understand the limits of my abilities. I can get you back with the person most the time – but what to do when I get that person back is on you. Love spells only do so much. The true magic begins once the relationship is rekindled, as two people realise the mistakes of the past, and work on their relationship issues in a healthy manner. Still, we all know that when we get back into a relationship after trauma, we all want to kick their arse for causing us so much pain. And let me tell you, this strategy doesn’t work with or without a love spell.

This is the advice I gave to my client. “This is always going to be an issue for you. He loves you dearly, but he also loves the attention of other women – and I think I may have told you that. What it comes down to is deciding on whether his womanizing ways is acceptable for you.”

When we have a broken heart it’s easy to believe that we will accept the cheating guy/ womanizing guy back into our lives no matter what! But when we’re living in a relationship with the cheater, you can feel like you’re going mad at best – and being totally disrespected at worst. One minute you could be snuggling on the couch watching a movie together, saying sweet nothings in each other’s ears – the next minute he goes down the pub and makes out with a random woman. It just doesn’t make sense if you’re looking at it through your own lenses. A narcissist will have no problem in compartmentalising each relationship into its own separate box – and not feel guilty at all!

I reminded my client, that during the ritual his womanizing ways presented themselves loud and clear, and I added a note during the ritual to pass onto the client , “…… I still strongly recommend a banishment ritual to eliminate the temptation and influence from other women.” So this banishing ritual would’ve been to stop him from thinking about other women all the time. It will give the relationship a chance to get onto “safer grounds.” Still, this won’t stop a cheating guy from constantly thinking about other women in the future.

The Italian housewives were renowned for adding blood into the love spells on their own husbands to keep the husband is from straying. Their rituals were not one off spells, but on going rituals. They would add blood to food, wine, and other substances.

When you’re in love with a guy like this, you’re really signing up for a lifetime of love magic. The love spell might keep them down long enough for you momentarily, but it will be only for a short time before they snap out of the effects of the spell, and have that roving eye again.

I hope this will help other people in similar situations with partners who have issues in committing.

Blessed beast

Black Witch S