This is a money spell that I do for myself and has brought me significant money in the past. Green candle Magic for money spells is used by most witches. And I don’t know a witch who hasn’t had a result from this type of spell.

I do the spell when I want to pay a bill or when I have a specific amount of money  in mind for something that I want.  It’s important to have a specific amount of money in mind before you begin. In the video I talk about writing $7000 on a white piece of paper. That was the amount I was desiring that week. That was the amount that was real for me.

The key is not to be greedy. You do this spell for something that you really need – what a bill that you really need the money for. If you say ” 1 million dollars” then you better have a true desire for what you’re going to do with that $1 million, and be able to meditate on that with passion meaning and intent. And I mean as if it’s already in your bank account. If you can do that  – then it will happen.

Don’t be greedy – start off with an amount you need right now. Get good at this. Work your way up 🙂

Before you begin you’ll need the following:

  • A green candle
  • A coin
  • A large white piece of paper
  • Peppermint oil

The ritual

  1. First write the amount that you desire on a white piece of paper
  2. Visualize and believe that this amount is coming to you. You must believe that this money will be in your possession
  3. inscribe a green candle with a gold coin,  or any old coin,  the currency symbol of the country you live.  Once again you visualize the amount of money you want
  4. with peppermint oil,  you anoint the candle. This means you rub the candle over with some peppermint oil.
  5. Now you light the candle
  6. Meditate for around 10 minutes focused on the intention of your spell
  7. now take the piece of paper and folding three.  Fold the piece of paper in three again.  The paper will now look like an envelope.  Put the coin you used to inscribe the candle inside the envelope
  8. take some melted candle wax and seal the envelope.  So you’re pouring the milk to wax on the  envelope
  9. now you say these words…

“ money I need

 come to me

 with  harm to none

  so mote it be”

The variation I spoke about, was I say “money I need to come to me” – I didn’t say the rest. That is just my own personal preference because I am not a Wiccan Witch – but I feel obliged to tell you that most witches would continue and finish this spell with the above. Also I would use blood on the candle rather than peppermint oil – but as I’m sharing this as a white magic spell, I’m telling you what absolutely will work for you and what works for all of the witches. Peppermint oil is used, as its bright green leaves and crisp scent led to its use in money and prosperity spells.

Remember…. I light the candle for 10 minutes every day, and do some meditation on this spell every , then I snuffed out the candle. Do this for five days. To snuff out the candle all you need to do is use your fingertips. Or if you’re not brave enough or you have sensitive fingertips, you can use an upside down teaspoon.

You don’t have to do the five day ritual. You may wish to do this spell just once. I’m just sharing with you what I did. I hope you enjoyed the video.


Increasing the power of spells

Numerology – The number 8

  • The number 8 is a number for GOOD LUCK, WEALTH, SUCCESS =MONEY$$$$
  • For example, in China the #8 is worked into business for success:

Make sure you consider numerology when doing a money spell. Here are some ideas on ways you can work in the number 8 into your money spell:

  1. Do the spell at 8 PM
  2. Have the number eight in the money amount you want
  3. To the spell on the eighth day of the month
  4. Share this spell to 8 friends or places

When I originally did the money spell, it was the eighth day, at 8 PM. When I created the video, the original length was eight minutes. When I finished the video I immediately shared it with eight friends before posting it to social media. Sometimes I forget about the small things I do to ensure good fortune and positive energy 🙂

Let me know how much money you bring into your life with this spell.



Common Questions About This Spell

Q: What should I do with the candle and paper after five days?

A: After the five days, I recommend that you release the spell into the spiritual world, by burning the petition/spell paper  in your offering bowl, ( whatever you use to burn petition papers). The remains of the candlewax, can be disposed of in a way that is convenient for your current living situation. For example if you live in a apartment building, then you would want to dispose of the wax down the garbage shoot (especially if this is wax for baneful work). If you live in your own home, the remaining wax from a money magic spell, can be disposed of in your own garden, or if you’re like me and do a ton of magic spells toss the wax out in the trash.

I’m only fussy with the remains of baneful work as I don’t want the negative vibration materials around me for any longer than needed.