Where to even start with that kind of mess? 

A reporter who smells a story in an area she knows nothing about

A tabloid editor who wants a salacious headline

Pedestrian ignorance

Judeo-Christian prejudice 

Internet trolls

And a witch who’s helping a family in their time of need.

Most importantly, Black Witch Savannah NEVER claims she can cure anyone of anything. Ever. I should know, I work with this woman every day. I help answer some of the hundreds of emails we receive weekly and I assure you no such claims were/are made. This instance was no different. I won’t share what was said or done as frankly, it’s none of anyone else’s business.

What we do, is work on trying to help people on a spiritual plane. We petition gods, goddesses, deities and yes, demons for assistance in manifesting our and our clients requests. This works for us.

To the haters, the bandwagon sheep and the perpetually offended, have a cookie, a wank, and get on with your own lives. 

It’s taken too long for me to post this and my sincerest apologies to those who looked for my support and didn’t see it. – BG