Easy Hoodoo Money Spell for Money Drawing Work

 Make one of these today!

In this video Sen Elias and I will talk about Hoodoo Money work, and he will share a super easy and traditional hoodoo style money spell (work) that will set you on the path to money success.

What do you need to make this yourself?

The instructions are all in the video. But incase you didn’t write down what you need, we have it listed below. All you need:
– A note of any amount
– A lodestone
– Oil (high John or olive)
– Whiskey/Wine/Spirit of some kind
– Money Drawing Herb
– Red Ribbon
– Optional – Picture, hair, nails, personal concerns

You’ll also need a marker to write on the note.

Information on Sen Elias

Sen Elias can also help you with advice, conjure products (home made in New Orleans – I have seen him make these myself, so you know they are the REAL thing), and now offers some spell casting services. Because we had so many questions from the video, I will provide links below:

Crescent City Conjure – https://crescentcityconjure.us

Sen Elias – Money Conjure/Spell casting services

“My money drawing spell work is constructed with 20 years of experience in hoodoo and witchcraft. I’ve seen great results with this work for clients. Promotions, increased income, and money you didn’t expect coming to you are common results.”

Money Spell Work

Product – Prosperity Drawing Incense

Prosperity Drawing Incense

Product – Fast Money Oil

Fast Money Oil

Find Sen Elias here:

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0HjZgtJDxM-9etJWuJrMIQ

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/crescentcityconjure/

Viewers Questions

hoodoo money conjure

Magikal friends: Sen Elias from Crescent City Conjure & BWS

While I won’t be able to answer all your questions over time, here are the answers to common questions as at this date.

Do I feed the lodestone before wrapping it?

Can I use High John Conqueror roots ?

Wat about a pocket book in your purse ?

Sen Elias answers the above questions:

No, they feed the work when it’s completely put together as one spirit.

High John can be an ingredient in the roots, but you still need to use a type of oil.

Same apply to pocket books in your purse. Dress the pocket book like a wallet.

Do u have to say any special magic words?

BWS – Traditionally, psalms are said in Conjure work. For example – PSALMS 23 is said for abundance, good luck, and success.

Can you use a Play Money Bill’s..??? Thank You….!!!

BWS – I say no. You must use REAL money. The goal is to attract REAL money to your pocket book or wallet. I suggest you use the largest bill you can eg $100 bill. It’s a statement of what you are looking to attract.

what roots are he using?

BWS – Sen Elias is using Quick money herb mix in this video (as he was working with my products and materials), however in his own home, he uses his own home made (by him) money herb mix.