Readers Story

I didn’t had lucky life – noone does. But I really had some shit going on from my childhood. I am sensitive yet strong and proud, I could not keep up with some shit that happened.

One day I felt urge to make a voodoo doll. And I did it, I don’t know if it succeeded but at second take I made it properly, I found your videos, studied them, started learning about demons, satan and everything that church projects wrongly. I always felt wild souled and have my priorities, and can’t tolerate evil. I had my vision of better world, people respecting others, being equal, and I never gave up, neither will I.

Today I am 27 year old who after Catholic, Baptistic church, studying Jung, Freud, various self help books,Taoism, Hinduism, Buddism, found myself in no religion, only in meditation, yoga, gym, dance and my own beliefs. Do as you will. But will must be good, and never gave someone chace to harras you. I learn to stand up for myself.

So, as I was saying I had another broken relationship and this time I made voodoo . I made it three times. First time by my heart. Second time without knowledge about demons, I just evoked elements, universe, spirits all of them and planets, saturn was strong that day. I asked for this guy that to be hurt, and I used scissors to cut his head and other body part. Next day after I burried the doll in jar with everything including sulfid acid, the boy was assaulted by his friend in fight, had cuts excatly where I cut the doll.

I was thrilled and excited, I got my proof that justice and helpers exhist only if you ask!

In next rituals, I studied more and more, I connected with Belial, Lucifer, Flereous and Leviathan, Each of them was elemental demon. I used scents, colors, metals and carved sigils into the cadles for each one.

After that I invoked Satan ad spirit in the middle. I asked them for help to connect me again to my bestie Vepar, she is my own protector and I feel warmth everytime I meditate on her sigil in left arm. So I asked for connection with Vepar and Focalor. I worked with Paimon before, but this round I wanted Vepar and Focalor do the work. I knew they will hear my praise and asking.

After that ritual all my worries went gone gone, and I slept like a baby. Whatever will be, will be, I know it’s all in good hands.

I would like to thank you for your videos that brought me new knowledge and brought me to my inner true self.


By Luci 


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