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The doweling family migrated from Ireland in hopes to sale their whiskey, but at the time it was


Illegal but they still managed to have great success with it, I don’t know what became of the dowling family or the name of their whiskey,but I did find out it is still bottled in the town of Louisville ky, and that town is an hour and thirty minute drive from me, well as time went on the house sold and made into a funeral home for a while then it was sold and became a speak easy as rumors have it, now there has been a few deaths in the house,most of what I heard was rumor and I have ,I tried to find some info,on the subjects of the romers except for the landladies husband. Back in 2014 me and my girlfriend and another lady that was a friend decided to roommate togather ,so we looked into the newspaper adds and doweling hall.  We called about it and the landlady said we can meet her the place and check it,so we agreed on a time and went, as soon as stepped on the property and gazed up at this beautiful mansion, I knew it was haunted.


The landlady was a really gray headed lady in her early ,seventies. She was proper and polite and seemed to get around really well for age, I asked if it was true that the place a funeral home at one she replied yes and asked if there has been any fatal accidents in the house,and she replied that her husband died of heart failure in the 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment,so I apologized for bringing up the question,she said he was the death she knew of in the place. They turned the mansion in 3 separate apartments the one we rented was on the 3rd floor and it was a three bedroom apartment,I sensed there was at least 5 spirits in the house but I’m gonna write about my experience with on a certain  one, it was a hot summer evening in mid june of 2014 I was off work and the ladies went to hangout with a few of our friends ,being wore and tired I decided I wanted to stay home sleep and let them go out, they left and about 9pm that night, I decided to lay down ,so I did and I feel asleep within an hour or two the room was feeling hot and stuffy so while I was asleep , I thought about opening a window.


Well I woke up ,to get outta the bed and open the window but I really was so tired that I decided not to ,close to enterance to the bedroom ,I noticed a shadowy, silloutte of a woman with a  head wrap or a bonnette on her with a midlength flowing dress, well as I watched the shadow walk across the room,I noticed that her feet was about maybe 5 ins. Off the ground ,so she was actually gliding across the room, I noticed that she seemed to appear outta thin by befor she walked through the enterance of my bedroom, well I could tell by the shape of her lips,and cheeks that she was of African America orgin and she may have been between the age of 25 and thirty, she seemed to be gliding toward one of the windows in my room.


But thinking I was just tired and seeing things I dozed off to sleep, about three to four hours later I got up to see if the girl where back and I went into living and found nobody but so texted and ask what time I should expect them they replied they was on their way, I said okie dokie and be careful,I went back in the room and noticed the window was open, and nobody was home but me and I was sleeping to heavy to get up and open, so it left with one conclusion, the ghostly woman knew I was hot and she decided to help me and opened the window for me.


By: Daniel


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