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I had an encounter with a malevolent spirit many years ago, before I practiced any kind of magic. I picked it up at a friend’s house while swimming in their in-ground pool. Their family was pretty dysfunctional and the energy was seriously bad in that house. I remember stepping out of the water and immediately feeling that I had a crick in my neck. It felt sore and stiff; couldn’t be moved at all in the horizontal direction. I mostly ignored the problem by heading home and eventually going to sleep later that night.

That’s when the creature/demon revealed itself and initiated a direct attack on my psyche. The nightmare assault came in the following manifestation:

I was on a two-story bus which was empty except for a single standing figure. It appeared humanoid, but had no facial features I could recognize, and wore a jet black trench coat. I tried to inspect the face, confused by what I saw, and went closer. I slowly came to the realization that there truly were only shadowed bumps instead of an eyes, nose and mouth. The thing before me was absolutely alien as the topography of its face held only the vaguest resemblance to that of a human. Shadowed hills and valleys stared back at me, and then began a strange rhythmic motion. It began to rotate its neck, slowly at first, but then quickening to unnatural velocity. At the climax, a shriek erupted from the creature; not from it’s vocal cords though, but from it’s dark center.

With the scream came the spiritual attack, a paralyzing fear of such magnitude that I awoke unable to move for several minutes. I think the sound was more of a metaphor for what truly took place, because no mere noise could afflict a person so severely. It was en emotional onslaught that left me completely helpless, weak and in a panic. (in that order)

I eventually rose and managed to pull myself together enough to dress and leave the house, which I was desperate to do. I even went to work early that day from fear of being alone. I worked at a coffee shop at the time while I went to college, so having people around really helped get me through that tough morning.

The next day I spoke with my mother and decided to mention the nightmare since I still couldn’t move my neck a single inch left-to-right. When I started to tell her my dream she began asking specific, leading questions about the image. She had, as it turned out, seen the exact same figure in a dream the following night, but before I’d spoken to her about it. In her vision though, she faced him defiantly and commanded him to “leave him (me) alone”, to which his response was “You have the power in the light, but we have the power in the dark.”

It sounds incredibly cliche, I know, but that’s for real what she told me it said.

So at that point we called in the cavalry to deal with the problem, which was of course my grandmother. She’d always been a mystic, and like many members of my family was a medium of some variety (bless her soul). She did a basic cleansing ritual using prayers, rock salt and incense, but it was effective enough to banish it away to this very day.

Later I discovered through research, and not the popular movie ‘Insidious’, that spirits do occasionally sit on people’s shoulders as a convenient way to latch on to the victim. The reason I was unable to move my neck horizontally but could easily shift it vertically was because I was being ridden like an animal, and had been for nearly two days.

by Gabe

Photo Credit: Katie & the Ghost

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