When I was a small child I had imaginary friends. Two of them.

It really freaked my parents out. My mother even took me to the doctor who told her I just had a vivid imagination.

I remember in very clear detail what they looked liked and their names. The little girl was Kali Celene. The boy was Geborrik . They seemed to be right around my age at the time . The little girl was blond and her clothes were quite similar to mine at the time . I did not know it at the time but the boy was dressed like an Orthodox Jewish.

I played with them every day. The boy would get mad at my mom when she would tell me my friends were just pretend. I would cry and get mad also.

My mother said that my bedroom would become very cold and things would move around when I said I was playing with my friends.

The boy would sometimes tell me to do things that got me in trouble but I never got angry with him. The girl was very quiet and she always seemed sad.

My mother got real scared when my jack in the box hit her in the back after telling me my friends had to leave because it was my bedtime and she got some type of clergyman to come bless our house. I remember crying and being so angry. They didn’t go anywhere though.

When I was a teenager I stopped seeing them very often and my folks still live in the same house but I have not seen them in years .

I always have very vivid dreams of them though when I sleep at my childhood home. It is sad in a way because I feel sad when I think of them. I guess I miss them.


Guest Post from Sally