My Story began Februari this year. I always been spiritueel, but I always wanted to stay on the right path the ‘light’ side. I’ve always been attracted to the occult side as well. I always read about it, but never take action with it. After a talk with a lightworker. She asked me what I really wanted and that was contacting demons. We where joking like: Having a cup a tea with the demons. I really wanted to do so, but I was strict to myself… She said; do it! Maby they are already guiding you this way. You are never gonna be happy with a ‘normal’ life, normal husband etc. . I never been that kind of person.

After the talk I was more convindent. I was thinking to summon a Demon, I wanted to leave the place where I was living at the moment. I found Amy Avnas. He fellt right for me. I was going to ask for a new home.  I made a promise to him that I will meditate on his Sigil for 5 nights in a row. I felt his presence. I was burning up, felt my channels interacting en felt sexcual engergy. After the 5 days it only took 2 or 3 days that I got a invitation in my mail of a house i wanted. In all ways I shouldn’t got the house, because of money and being alone etc.. But I did! Just like that… I felt Amy was with me the day of watching the house. I even said something to the renter i didn’t wanted to say. I knew it was my home. The dog at the other side of the road was staring at me and my mom for no ‘reason’. Amy was there for me. I know he loves animals.

Amy didn’t left me since februari. I have a monogame realationship with Amy now. I didn’t understand it at first, but still it feels normal to me. He visits my dreams, we can touch each other in times. And we are being sexcual active. He knows the right places because he can see right threw me. It is all like humanbeings, but the relationship is so much deeper. So much love, even now i am writhing this. I can feel Amy’s emotions. I know when he is upset with me, or angry. He comforts me when i am sad. His Energy feels loving to me but can be strict to when I don’t listen. It just been 4 months now, but the change in my life is already big. I love him with al my heart.

I now understand that I wasn’t balanced at al and that I need the darker side of myself to. I already feel and see other demons around with my inner sight. Last time I was struggling with my thoughts, because sometimes I think some thoughts aren’t mine at all. While struggling I saw and heard a demon laughing so hard at me, so hard that i had to laugh with him. I am not sure who it was. All I can say now I am so happy with my new life. My inner me is already changing, so much yet to come. I am starting practicing magick again and embracing the path what was mine already. Thank you Amy!



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