The BWC suggestions for creating a Voodoo Doll is not traditional at all – nor do we claim for it to be. Voodoo dolls for a witch, is a tool in our tool kits. A powerful and respected one at that.

If you have watched our videos, then it is no surprise that we love making those little dolls for all kinds of magickal work. Used in love spells,curses, hexing, and even making personal dollies to “dolly-sit” the magic work you have completed.

black witch s

Black Witch S working with the sigil of Astaroth

There is NO best way or right way to make a voodoo doll. The history of these dolls, is in Folk Magic, which means that the skill was passed down through the generations, from one person to the next, usually without any formal documentation. And we all know what happens when something is passed along with “word of mouth” – it changes along the way. Therefore, what you do in your voodoo doll creation is perfectly ok. You just need to do the following TWO KEY STEPS to ensure the doll is magikal.

  1. Have a purpose for the doll –
    • You need to know what you intend on doing with the doll before you begin creating the doll (not if you are just buying the doll for use later). I personally like to make my dolls for hexing from scratch – everything from cutting out the pattern to stitching the pieces together. The purpose of the doll is sewn into every stitch.
    • When you know the dolls purpose, you can also prepare the correct ingredients, personal concerns, and think of the best spell incantation, and/ or spirit you may wish to call upon.
  2. “Baptize” The doll
    • or….bring the voodoo doll alive!
    • This is a Christian word for the spiritual assignment of a name to an individual, however it also works when creating a voodoo doll too. Remember it’s all about symbolism. If you have another name that you would rather use or feel more comfortable with then use that without worry that you’re somehow effecting the efficiency of voodoo doll.
    • The method used to baptize adult is personal as well, and once again there is no right or wrong way. The key here is to assign a name and purpose to the doll you just have created.

The other steps involved in preparing the doll is determined by the intention of the doll. But if you at least have a specific and very focused reason for creating the voodoo doll, and then you do the extra step in “bringing the doll alive” you actually have a voodoo doll that is ready to do whatever it is you want!

Note: My demons sigil is written on a piece of paper in front of my playdoo Voodoo Doll Hex


Getting Started

Materials for making a voodoo doll

  • Clay
  • wax
  • playdoo
  • fabric
  • cornhusks
  • apple cores
  • sticks

You can also use old dolls or buy a new doll.

Voodoo Doll Stencil

Once again, the outline of the doll does not have to be perfect, but if you were looking for a template to cut out a fabric doll then download the Voodoo Doll Template below

Click to download

Basic Voodoo Doll Insertables

What you place inside the doll will vary considerably. The herbs you desire should be referenced from a good book on magic herbs.

Additionally you will need to add the:

  • Petition
  • Photo (optional)
  • Personal Concerns of the target, for example:
    • Piece of clothing
    • nails
    • hair
    • semen
    • blood

You complete the filling of a fabric doll with some sort of filling, such as cushion filler or straw.

Adding eyes and personal features is your own choice, and should be done to the point where you recognize the doll as being the image of the actual target. It only has to feel like the target for YOU. It doesn’t matter what someone else may say about the look of your doll.

Asking for Astraroth's help with my hex. Copyright 2015 BWC

Asking for Astraroth’s help with my hex. Copyright 2015 BWC


Spiritual Guidance

You may wish to ask for a spirit to work with you on the task of working on the target for you. Working with spirit can bring about a result much faster.









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