How to dress a candle

It’s a very basic technique but you want to get it right if you’re going to see the manifestation of your desires.

So of course you want to start off with the candle i suggest white candles because their simple easy to come by.

I liked to carve words into my candles, so if you’re going to use this method you can also use a pen or a writing pen to do this but i like to use my athame.

You could use words like

  • protection
  • safe
  • secure

You want to use a little bit of protection oil on your hands and get it nice and dirty while rubbing  it on your candle.

One method of doing this is from the top down and from the bottom up.

Another method is to take the candle and rub it towards you to attract something and then rub it away from you to draw something away from you.

oil represents the element of water and we want to make sure that all the elements are coming together in this work so that they can work together to accomplish our goal

Next – take your roots. have a blend of herbs this is our protection blend and go ahead and put it on a flat surface. The reason why you put it on a flat surface because it’s easier to roll the candle in the herbs.

You can use a chant while you’re doing it. A chant that I really like is

circle of protection protect me from all bane

send all that is profane

hence to which it came

Then once you have your words carved on it, your oil dressed on it, and your roots dressed on it, you have a fully dressed candle.

Remember, that you can use this for any purpose it could be for love luck money whatever it is that you want to use this method works no matter what.

Until next time guys,

Sen Elias

Sen Elias is a priest in British Traditional Witchcraft. From a young age, he heard the call of the spirit and the power of magic began to move with him. He spent his life learning the arts of magic and spellwork so that he could create change in himself and others. He has a desire to bring the wonderful spirit of magic to those he comes in contact with. He and his spirits are strong and have the call to share the power of the work.
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