Hoodoo Spell Casting or Rituals


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Many people need a tailored spell that falls into the “Hoodoo Style” of magic working – that I love to do.

I will often give a client a link to this spell after a consultation, when I decide a non-black magic style of spell is best for them or their situation. Some people wish for me to do their magic work, and not wish for me to use demons or black magic as well – and this spell is also suitable for that purpose.

With or without consultation, this spell includes the following:

  1. I will review your needs and provide you with my experienced opinion on what is needed to move forward
  2. I will need to send you some products for work you need to do on your end. This will vary from case to case.

Once I cast your spell, allow 7 to 10 days for my update on the situation. There is no use in emailing me daily for an update – as I will not have daily updates to share with you.

It takes time to plant a seed in the dirt, to water the seed, and watch it grow into a flower. I will tell you about the FLOWER, and not the watering 😉

This purchase is for my work on your situation for 1 casting. If you require additional castings (complex cases) you will need to reorder every month until we get the results you need. We should all know by now that spell casting takes some time – from the time of casting to the point of visual manifestation. Every case is different.

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