I am concerned about voices I am hearing which make me feel very uncomfortable.  The sound of everyday objects may sound like a voice or I can hear one out of the blue while I am alone in my room like it is coming from inside my head.  I feel sensitive to my surroundings and I feel that the energy I am experiencing is of an evil nature because the messages are malevolent and judgmental.  I feel like I am being watched by a spirit of some sort.  They are not helpful or guiding.

It  is just so odd how offensive the comments I hear are and it has been a few days now of this.  Sometimes I will be near people talking in actual conversation but the things they say to each other feel like they are verbally abusive to me, like I am being personally attacked.  It is like having an unpleasant synchronicity all the time.

The same thing happened to me in 2012 but worse.  I was in so much pain and anguish and my family went through a lot.  I just want to have positive energy surround me and to be of strong and healthy mind, body, soul and spirit.  I want a strong relationship with God and I realize sometimes one must seek help for things beyond his or her control.  I don’t experience other aspects of psychological disturbances such as seeing what isn’t there or feeling like people are out to get me.  I only am super sensitive to auditory stimulations from my inner and outer experiences.

Furthermore, after this predicament is resolved, if there is time I would like to ask a very important question which is why I have memories in my childhood and young adulthood that seem very strange but unacknowledged within the family by my loved ones who have lived with me all my life.  I remember staying in my grandma’s house after school, right downstairs in our two apartment building, and strangers constantly coming inside when there should be no one home.  It is odd because when I try to hint at it my siblings remember nothing.

But I recall complete chaos, violence, sexual abuse, acid being thrown on someone’s face, famous people, gangsters, the mafia, and always being in a state of trance, under the authority of people much older.  My parents were gone all day and my grandma was deaf.  There was one time when I was unable to move and was starved with my family and I saw and heard this siren for hours.  Everything was so difficult.

I have attached photos of my Grandma’s home.

What is this strange memory and all of the other memories? 
What does it mean? 
Are they dreams or did they really happen? 
Why are they so vivid?
N. (USA)



Firstly, you have a VERY special gift! I don’t know if you have been told this or not…but you have the gift of clairaudience!

The hearing of sounds, music, and voices not audible to normal hearing is called clairaudience. Have you heard of this before? Clairaudience comes from French for “clear hearing.” In yoga, it is an astral sense, which is experienced when the fifth chakra, located at the throat, is activated.

Clairaudience is a psychic ability used in the occult – if you have the ability. I consider it a great gift, but it can totally freak you out if you don’t know you have it! In spell casting work, clairaudience is employed in travels to the astral plane and in communication with various spirits.

The reason why you were more “tuned in” as a younger child is that you had not learned how to “tune out” the spiritual world as yet. You accepted the sounds and (in some cases visions), as real. Because they are real!

People don’t realize that there is an entire world of spiritual activity around us at ALL times. We just can’t always connect with the otherside, as we loose this skill as we enter adulthood, or we never develop the skill during our life. We all have the ability to learn the skills  to connect with the other side.

Clairaudience manifests as an inner sound or voice that is clearly distinguishable from one’s own inner voice. Sometimes it seems to be external, emanating from the space around a person. It may be recognized as the voice of a dead relative or interpreted as the voice of a spirit, such as an angel , a guide, a disembodied adept , or even God. It occurs in dreams, especially when important messages are given, and in the mystical and trance experiences of oracles, shamans, priests, prophets, mystics, saints, and others.

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, practitioners of mesmerism observed that magnetized subjects experienced clairaudience, particularly the voices of the dead, as well as other psychic phenomena. Messages from the dead, received by a medium clairaudiently, became an integral part of many seances. Famous psychologist, Carl Jung described the spirits of the dead as “the voices of the Unanswered, Unresolved, and Unredeemed.” Does this sound like your issue ?

So when you were a child, you were hearing the messages from the dead. They may have been angry with you as you were not acknowledging them and their messages. Many movies have been make where the ghost would annoy the living person until they delivered the message to the intended target! The ghosts want to contact you as they know you can hear them, so unless you deal with there demands, they won’t go away.

My question to you is:

  • Have you asked the spirits “what do you want from me?”
  • If you have and you don’t want to be bothered, did you say, “Stop bothering me – Leave me alone” etc
  • If so, what was the consequence/result?

Secondly, I would say you also have clairvoyance, (the psychic ability to see the unseen, such as spirits, auras, ghosts, otherworldly dimensions, and distant locations.)

Clairvoyance comes from the French term for “clear seeing.” It is experienced in different ways, such as externalized visions, inner visions, and impressions. This explains your experiences at your Grandma’s home downstairs.

Clairvoyance overlaps with other psychic faculties and phenomena, such as clairaudience (psychic hearing), and perhaps you have other psychic skills too.

Clairvoyance has been a valued skill in divination, prophecy, and magic since ancient times. Some individuals are born with marked abilities for clairvoyance; others can cultivate it through training, sometimes through the use of psychedelic agents such as drugs and herbs, and also by techniques to induce altered states of consciousness

In magical practice, clairvoyance is used to visit and work on the astral plane and to evoke and communicate with entities. This is where you must go to deal with the aspects of your gift you don’t want to deal with here on this plain.

Since your Grandma’s home seams to be opposite to a cemetery, you will have multiple spirits asking for your help. By the looks of things, the house itself is probably on graves, as construction sites often move only the headstones and NOT the people below the surface. As their resting place was disturbed, they have a right to be pissed off. Unfortunately for you, you hear and maybe see them, so they may be sharing their anger to you – the living.

If this is the case, you better enlist the help of someone who can cast a veil between you and them. They will still be there in the home(if they are in fact there at the home), but you will not be hearing or seeing them. Also, you may wish to burn a candle to blessed them and wish them well on the other side. Show them some respect for what has happened, without taking personal ownership. This may also settle down the personal attacks you mention.

Thirdly, the mundane answer to explain what happened at your Grandma’s is called psychological repression.

You asked:

What is this strange memory and all of the other memories? 

What does it mean? 

Are they dreams or did they really happen? 

Why are they so vivid?

As I do not understand your history other than an email, I can’t discount there may have been physical abuse done to you by someone close to you. Someone you trusted. This violation of trust severely impacts the way in which our brain processes and stores memory. While our brain deceives (or protects) us from these painful violations of abuse, our body does not! Physical manifestation of psychological symptoms creates absolute havoc in our adult lives.

You can test when and who did real physical abuse to you, by seeing a Kinesiologist. They will test your muscles while asking you questions to determine where in your body you are holding this trauma/pain/memory. It is an excellent tool for helping with this issue. You should be able to find aKinesiologist in your local area, and they are normally in Chiropractors offices, or are Chiropractors with additional training.

So while I prefer to think of your experiences as spiritual gifts, I cannot ignore the fact so many people are abused as kids and become confused as adults on why they had this childhood memory.

I hope this answer can provide you extra insight about your experiences, and perhaps gifts!


Black Witch Savannah