We all know that news corporations love to spin a good headline, but stating I said that I can cure cancer, is FAKE NEWS! For the record – I never said I can cure cancer.

The article published in THE SUN UK today led with the headline:

Black witch claims she can cure people of CANCER by talking to demons and making pacts with Satan

Lady Hannah was more offended with the statement “Black Witch Claims she can cure cancer,” as it wasn’t a claim. I didn’t claim that I had a customer whose son was cured of cancer by myself. I never called a paper and announced, “Hey! Guess what I can do!”

FACT: The writer of this article, Emma Parry, read a blog posted on our site from one of our clients, whom stated what she experienced when she worked with me and Black Witch Coven. This is a lot different than me making a “claim” of what I did.

So why would this title bother me anyways? Isn’t any news good news?

Well, I don’t want people thinking I can fix their heath issues. We all know that magick is NOT a guarantee. We all do our best and leave the rest to our spiritual helpers and the forces that be! Medical treatment always must run in conjunction with spiritual assistance.

If there is something I don’t need to be doing all the time, it would be healing cancer! Even if I could (which I can’t), I wouldn’t want to be known as the “Cancer Curing Witch!”

The article does correct itself towards the end where it says HOW the healing ritual was done – really with the power of multiple factors/layers – NOT just me. I was correctly quoted towards the end of the article:

“She says she helped the woman make a “pact with Lucifer” to heal her son – before carrying out various spells on the young man herself.”

Savannah said: “The mother of the 23-year-old wrote to me and asked me what I could do to help because the prognosis was not good. Her son was an LA police officer and the case really hit home for me because I have a son around the same age.”

“I knew I had to act very urgently in his case.

“One thing you can do for healing is get a voodoo doll and bring that doll to life by making it in an image of the person you want to heal.

“Then you call out to your spiritual connection and ask for them to look after the person. You can put different stones around the doll to make a protection vortex.

“Because of the serious nature what he was going through I also used group magic which is extremely powerful. I asked all the students on my ‘Working with Demons’ course to pray  – asking for this young life to be saved.

“Then I connected psychically to this young man and I filled up his aura with healing energy.

“I also connected to my spirit guide Astaroth – a demon who uses the power of Lucifer – sometimes known as Satan.”

Parry correctly quotes me throughout the rest of the story, so I guess it was the headline in which I had the most issue. Still, I guess the name Satan is good to add to a news headline. Stirs up the angry Xians and incites them to make comment (just check out the comments under the article if you want a little giggle.)

Feel free to leave your thoughts about this article below. I would love to know your take on the story.

Blessed Beast,

BW Savannah


Update Friday Sept 22, 2017:

The SUN UK updated the title of the article to read “Black witch says she can help heal people from diseases including CANCER by working with demons.” The article itself was also corrected. The link now reads https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4460136/black-witch-claims-she-can-help-heal-people-from-cancer-by-talking-to-demons-and-making-pacts-with-satan/

A BWC subscriber from Sydney Australia, emailed in this screenshot of how this story spun out of control.

The problem with an incorrect News Story coming from a leading newspaper is that the smaller papers take the original article and spin the headline into something worse! Not cool at all.

The problem with an incorrect News Story coming from a leading newspaper is the smaller papers taking the article and spinning the headline into something worse! Not cool at all.


  1. Sofie

    As u can work with the light so can u work with darkness
    Not all that are “white” are good and not all that are “black” are evil. In ancient societies demons were most invocated for love matters like avlanathanalva and abrasax, the good ones who were turtuning the “victim” until he comes back.
    In the same way can u use the cemetery to heal, for love or for evil

  2. JE Garcia

    This situation was recent right, as it came out in last months news letter and there was a video put up on youtube, right? Well, though I don’t doubt the power of spirits, when you post a story of success, you are opening up yourself to scrutiny. More people will turn theirs eyes towards this way; sure but with that lot, you get the Christian people who suck the air out of everything. Being public about your successes while being charismatic and well-liked draw in the trouble makers where the rule of the day is to blot out anything positive. It’s a slippery slope. Be careful.

    • BWS

      Greetings JE,

      Yes it all went down yesterday. I am not concerned about the haters and the gossipers (as they will always be there in some shape or form), but I didn’t like the headline to say that I CLAIMED to cure CANCER, as this isn’t true. People in the “lighter” witchcraft community can be just as bitchy and doubt spiritual work, as much as the Xians (for obvious reasons), and these twats don’t seam to read beyond the headline – so, whatever….small minded people spend their time gossiping about others right! The rest of us are busy on the path to ascension.

      For the record, I didn’t ask the SUN UK to interview me. I received an email from a writer asking for information about Black Magic and the blog posted by the client on our site. Lucifer (and in fact many spirits), will ask for public recognition when they deliver to us our request. We all need to do more public praising for our dark spirits who DO so much for us. Scrutiny will come because of the publics perception of our darker spirits, but this MUST be broken through, and the truth must be told about the true results from the left hand path.

      I haven’t done a video about it yet, but I may, if only to explain the nature of healing in witchcraft to help others understand it better. We who walk on the left hand path will face fire from our own community as well as the Xians, so it was nice to have so many messages from brothers and sisters on the left hand side 🙂

      Blessed beast to you and yours,
      – BWS

      • JE Garcia

        Hello. I made the mistake. What I was referring to was your video on Marbas being involved in helping a woman heal after coming to you for help. Sorry for the mix up.

        I don’t think I said or thought about who approached who for an interview but Ms. S., you DON’T strike me as someone who peddles themselves for attention either! And yes, Yes, you’re right, spirits do want public recognition for their help!

        I think the same people who would ridicule you over an article like this most likely would be the same ones going to you in secrecy asking for something. That’s the human species. Go figure. And I agree with the rest of your sentiments as well. 🙂 Until next time.

        • BWS

          I hope so – Blessed be!

      • Madman illusion

        I bet they will not put in Wikipedia how Lucifer an asteroth helped cure this young man but they sure put it in when they have a bull crap story about
        them possessing nuns.As for you BWS.We love you and have your back no matter what. THE REVOLUTION is in full force and you are making history.Yoi make me proud to be a black Warlock

  3. JE G.

    I remember this article, it was shown in last months news letter, right? Well, it goes to show people are paying attention and remember, posting the greatness of something, while naturally looking good (successful, etc.,) will always bring the Pharisees. We all must be careful during this time where so many have nothing but…too much time on their hands 😛

  4. Louis

    That’s the “Sun” which only casts shadows…