Author: Holly, USA

I wanted to share my beautiful and positive experience with Lucifer. It began close to one year ago when I experienced a huge change in my life. I had a major surgery, left my job of 12 years due to ongoing harassment, and was losing everything including my mind. This may seem trivial to some but I literally was on the edge of life – I came to the realization that Hell was not a place you go, but a place you carry inside you. I have never been so close to ending my life than then, and I wasn’t afraid to do so.

Of course I did what I was raised to do in times like this and I prayed to my Christian god to save me or at least calm my mind enough to function. Even take the edge off. Nothing happened,  as has been my experience when calling him.  My mind raced, I slept and ate little and felt like I was dying from the inside out. I would go outside and sit in the sun,  feeling it warm my skin against the brisk autumn air. I imagined the Light Bearer warming me and easing the pain from my heart and mind. Now I REALLY thought I had lost my mind.  Fast forward, things are picking back up and I don’t think twice about it.

I began an interest in LHP- I’ve been primarily focused on Hoodoo and Strega witch craft until then. I mentioned the Christian god earlier because that’s how I was raised and was desperate for any help. I’ve learned much from BWS and have been less fearful of the darker entities. Hecate has been my matron and mother goddess for sometime yet I never considered I may already have been practicing left hand already to some degree.

Anyway. I felt a strong calling to Lucifer and wanted to forge a relationship with Him. I’m not versed enough in this sort of thing and I didn’t want to dabble but I said a prayer to Him asking Him to show me kindness on two major things in my life. I thanked him for bringing light and truth and expressed my interest in knowing Him even if He didn’t help me with what I asked.

Shortly after I heard in my mind “ You ate the lies and they made you sick, now taste the truth. “ Interesting huh?

This was a weekday so the following Saturday at home I took a nap which is no small feat in my house. Dogs barking,  people in and out. I woke up a number of times, yet one time I was caught in the in between. I was aware of the sounds around me yet I was not awake.  Staring at the back of my eyelids, what is normally a blank fuzzy screen, slowly but steadily grew to the colors red and blue. They were dots, perfectly placed to make  lines that crossed each other. Laser lines if you will. I heard a high pitched vibration so loud that if it got any higher I swore I’d go deaf, and the red dots blended together to form Lucifers sigil. Behind it, the background was a beautiful sunset. Now my body had it’s own response- I wouldn’t say I was aroused sexually but I felt “full” if that makes sense. My body felt as if it were smiling, the most beautiful and joyful feeling I’ve ever felt. I asked Him for help and he agreed. Now what’s even more insane is when it was over it happened AGAIN a few minutes later!

I still wasn’t sure if this was a sign that He had agreed to help me or not. The one problem I was facing was approaching and I was afraid. I won’t give details as it’s a very private matter but it is a physical problem that there is no escaping. I had to face something head on that not many have the strength to overcome. And even worse, I was on a business trip having to maintain my composure among hundreds of colleagues. I can say with 100% confidence it was only because Lucifer heard my prayer and healed me COMPLETELY. Not only did he heal this affliction,  but I’ve suffered depression and anxiety my whole life. These things are gone.

I wanted to share my story so that others can know the truth of His goodness and not just the lies we are taught our whole lives. He is beautiful and gentle and cares for us, yet doesn’t push himself on us.

I am beyond greatful and honored that He heard my request to simply know Him and has agreed to let me. I can’t wait to build our relationship and grow closer to Him. He has been my comfort and my refuge – Not demanding I grovel at His feet but to know myself and know Him. There is no fear anymore. I hope this inspires others to seek out and create their own relationships with this beautiful spirit.