Does Satan Exist?

Today I’m going to answer a question that I typically avoid to answer and that question is does Satan exist?


Is Satan Lucifer?

Lucifer Is Satan In the East Sanat [anagram of Satan] is called Shurka, the name of Venus. He came from Venus to liberate the earth with his allies of 144,000 souls. This is the kundalini serpent that transforms the material elements of the being the earth to the gold of spirit. And opens the 144,000 nadis. Venus is shown as a hermaphrodite for this reason the serpent and the united soul. This is the spiritual sun, the eight pointed star of Venus connects to the solar plexus and shows the map of the whole soul. The Satanic Templar’s head they worshiped was Venus, the Baphoment as we see gets the symbol of Venus the pentagram. The symbol of the union. The male is the pentacle turning it upside down makes the union of male and female the spirit and body. This pentagram was put in the circle the symbol of the perfected soul with the number 666 the sun. By the ancients. Osiris, Ptah are the same God in Egypt and Osiris was called Lucifer as well. This is Satan. there is this bizarre misinfo around that Satan and Lucifer are different. This is false they are the same being. You can see it Satan is literally called Lucifer in the east and west as mentioned in the ancient Pagan tradition. by -High Priest Mageson 666

Is Satan Evil?

Satan is not in anyway “evil”, or about “death” and “suffering”. Satan is the exact opposite. Satan only stands about Justice, not the suffering of any being without consideration, death, misery and senseless destruction.

Does Satan believe in Magic?

Satan is the father of all “magick” and the father of all the occult.


Helpful Comments from Viewers:

Amore Solie
Yes, he is real and amazing. To all beginners or those keen to work with demons; Bune is the best! Zepar is electrifying and Orobas is beautiful. Lucifer has never lied to me. These beings are awesome if you know what you are doing.
Sven Hassel
Brilliant video, BWS. Very inspiring too. Have you ever read William Bramley’s ‘The Gods Of Eden‘? Lucifer/Ea tried to help free humanity from slavery and enforced ‘Custodial’ ignorance. So was then ironically portrayed as a malignant, dark force to be shunned and feared. Fundamentalist religion has a horrendous history of genocide and horrific atrocity – as you pointed out – the Old Testament and the Koran are alike in this respect. War, jihad, ‘chosen people’ vs ‘Gentiles/infidels’. The seeds of constant crises and hell upon earth. Satan, on the contrary, is the Enlightenment, the true path to freedom, happiness and sanity. Bramley has an interesting chapter on the Mormon religion. And also explores the other ‘faiths’. Why do these creeds begin with the visitations of ‘angelic beings’? All the dots join up. It isn’t abstract. The current accelerating conflicts in the world are ‘Custodian’ created. ‘Divide and rule’.

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