Why do my love spells fail?

Love has the power to start wars and divide nations. Still it is a basic need most of us crave with a passion. When we need to take a magikal action to secure our love life, most people are in a state of heart break, and want immediate results.

In this video I will review some of the most common reasons love spells fail or take time to manifest. Remember that no two cases are the same. I hope this video inspires you to keep on practicing your own love magick work and witchcraft skill development!


If you have additional tips on how YOU achieve results with your love spells, tell us in the comments section below.

Blessed beast!


Great tips from other witches

David Harrison: My love spell worked too well. I got stuck with someone I did a ‘love me now ‘ spell on and they turned out to be a lot different when I got to know them better and very destructive and demanding . The person was too intense and It took a long time to disengage from them and a lot of pain for both of us. This was very early on in my progression on the left hand path and now I do not do love spells at all. I do spells for personal progression, money and the odd hex to get rid of haters who go out the way to hurt me or my family
Bronson Gorham3: Its embarrassing for me to say, but I did a love spell on a girlfriend many years ago. The intent was to bind her to me and keep her from leaving. It worked, but after a few years together I could see she was miserable. I was able to do an unbinding spell at that point to set her free. She left me a week later. In hindsight I feel that what I did could be equated with rape, and I vowed to never do it again.
Chaya Bat-Tzvi: You have to contribute and seek out your potential lover yourself. Magick is more likely to work if you’re actively pursuing what you’ve set the magick for.