Holding a séance doesn’t have to be scary as long as you approach it in a safe and sane manner. BWC receives many requests from newbies on how to work the ouija board, so this introduction to safe ouija board use should be prefect for you.

Once you become experienced and comfortable with the use of a ouija board, you can use the board by yourself, and you don’t need to call for protection – especially if you are totally on the left hand path 🙂


  1. When preparing your space also be mindful of the guests that will be in attendance. Make sure you have invited like-minded people who will take this seriously. Leave out the others, as they will just bring in negative energy. Low energy people will not bring the energy needed for the board to move.
  2. It’s best to start your ouija session at night, and to work by candle light. Candles can help to channel the energy in the room, and even help spirits manifest by using the energy in the candles. Incense is good to, and you could even see the spirits in the smoke of the incense.
  3. You may want to give people roles, for example:
    • Whether you or the medium is leading the séance, only one person should serve as the main channel or communicator.
    • who will be taking notes of the answers from spirit (spelling out words from letters can be difficult if you are freaked out, and/or in a darkish room. This person will not touch the board
    • Record the session on video so you can see what you may have missed after the session
  4. Have a list of prepared questions to start with, and then ask deeper questions as relevant.

Lets start:

  1. Start off with a request for protection. You may also want to smudge the area. Some people like to call to spirit guides and guardian angels to be present.
  2. Optional – ALL hold hands and state the purpose of the evening. You may wish to introduce yourself to the spirit world (you could take turns)
  3. If with friends who are into witchcraft, you could call to quarters, or to each element; or chant; or say a mantra of some kind to raise the energy.
  4. Everyone should place at least two fingers on the planchette , and move the planchette around the board manually a few times to get a feel of moving around the board. Don’t fake push after this time.
  5. Ask them/the spirits to join you, in a respectful manner just as if you were inviting a guest into your home—because essentially you are. The typical first question is, “Are there any spirits her with us now?”
  6. Keep your questions brief, clear and relevant. No asking about winning lottery numbers or other frivolous things. Always be polite and respectful.
  7. If you do not get a response:
    1. Know that it takes time when you start out for many reasons, including the vibe of the group, and the points below
    2. Allow up to 5 to 10 minutes between answers and responses .You can keep on asking the same questions.
    3. Talk SLOWER
    4. Ask easier questions
    5. Swap the roles – have someone else ask the questions
    6. Don’t use slang terms (many ghosts and spirits are OLD – from a different time)
    7. Your house or room may not have spirits present.
    8. You may need to find another location that is more active. You could use a Ghost Detection Gadget such as a K2 meter to get a reading on if a ghost is actually present before you start the ouija session. If you have the budget, get a ghost detection kit to both detect and hear potential spirits.
  8. Optional – Before you stop your séance, everybody in your group should hold hands together and say ” Now is done, we thank you now leave in peace” three times before letting each other’s hands go.

Just know the spirits may not leave just because you asked them to leave.


  1. If the spirit speaks of someone/something as a portal, stop talking. Portals are ways that spirits come to our realm, the realm of the living. Suffice it to say that some very weird things will happen if you don’t stop.
  2. Make sure that you’re talking to a person’s spirit and not a demon. If you have a specific person you’re looking for, ask them to confirm their identity.
  3. If you have an Ouija Board, be wary of words or names like “Soso/Zuzu”, “Asag”, or “Marax” being spelled out (all three of these are the names of demons). Unless you want to contact them – then crack on.
  4. Ouija Boards can attract LOWER level spiritual entities, and ghosts that want to “play” with you. When you are a ghost, think about how you would respond to a group of people in a dark room asking you questions.
  5. My own mother was attacked after “playing” with the ouija board with her friends in our home. The guests did not take the spirits attempts to make contact seriously. That same night, the spirit push her face and back into the bedding for such a long period, she forced herself out of the bed whilst gasping for air. The rule is – Respect the communication and the tool.

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