Author: S.E.V.

My Story with Lucifer

When I was in my early 20’s I began to explore spell work.

Being raised in a strict Christian environment, also as a Jehovah’s Witness for about 5 agonizing years from about age 7 to 11, my investigation into the occult had to be kept as a dire secret from my family (as well as all friends). Being young in the 1970-80’s meant no internet, so I haunted the local libraries for all my information, as well as a few correspondence courses.

Ultimately one day my family found out about my interests in the occult (unbeknownst to me my mother frequently perused every inch of my bedroom every day while I was out). Although my parents allowed my obsession with ghosts and the spirit world since the age of about 3 years, Witchcraft and anything to do with magick and spells was absolutely “evil” and totally unacceptable. All witchy information went straight into the trash and I was told NEVER to consider the occult ever again.

After that incident I started college, parties, sex, drugs. Always enamoured by all things “witchy” and “spooky” to others, I numbed myself frequently with illegal and legal drugs and substances of the like, trying to forget my love of all dark things and my “evil” nature, as my parents put it. I neglected vital education into the occult, the craft, and the spirits. All this did was get me into a lot of trouble when I called out to the “demons” for financial help one night while high and drunk. I was disrespectful, out of my mind, ignorant, and totally wrong in my “ritual”. The result was a physical and psychic attack from some lower demonic entities that left me frightened and very injured. I was so scared that I didn’t entertain working with spirits of any kind for at least 15 years.

Now during those 15 years I was married and had kids. But my love of things magickal never waned, so I became heavily involved in Cartomancy and Tarot. I also became “born again” Christian. I studied the Old and New Testaments forward, backwards, inside out.

After about 2 years of all the Church Going I began to have some nagging questions that no church leader could answer. For instance, “Why does Lucifer—the Morning Star—sound so much like Jesus?”, and “Why is it ok for some of the church members to speak in ‘tongues’ when no one understands what they’re saying?”, or “Well Jesus was a Rabbi in a synagogue, and never said NOT to stop the Jewish festivals, so why are we Christians not honouring them?”

In answer to those and many other questions I had, I was told that I wasn’t close enough to god.

Well that was my answer to exit the whole Christian game. I went into Wicca. Which left me very disturbed as well. Didn’t accept that whole “white magic” stuff and 3-fold return law. During all the Wiccan studies I met great people, learned a lot of spells, but my heart kept urging me to go deeper into working with angelic and demonic spirits. Fear took hold due to my first ridiculous foray into ritual.

I kept studying though, and found Traditional Witchcraft. Then I began to understand that without spiritual help from any angelic or demonic being, you were not going to really get anywhere in terms of spell work, power, or results.

But I was still afraid, so I continued to study all things demonic and angelic connected to Traditional Witches without actually calling to spirits or practicing rituals.

Then in 2016 my husband left me. We were married over 20 years.

Nine months later my favourite person in this world, my 23-year-old son, came down with acute leukaemia. He was dying quickly before my eyes. I prayed to the only god I knew, a Christian god. I prayed to Christian saints and select Christian angels; nothing happened and everything became worst. I am not a “Christian Basher” nor hateful of any religions. I just know that the Christian belief system confused me; Its god did not help me, but abandoned me.

The night my very ill son was in the hospital so pumped up with chemotherapy, suffering brain toxicity, not even recognizing me, was the night I made a life altering decision. I went home the next day and prayed for help from any angel willing to come forward into this mess called my life. I went online.

I found the Black Witch Coven site and Black Witch Savannah’s YouTube channel. The information I was given made perfect sense! I immediately knew in the depths of my soul that I needed to ask the Great Emperor Lucifer for help and healing of my son.

After gathering information from the BWC site I realized my prayer for help had been answered. I was no longer afraid of the great so called fallen angels. I understood the lies of the Christians and other religions. I consulted with BW Savannah, who quickly helped me create a pact with Lord Lucifer.

That was in May of 2017. I felt so blessed and honoured when I was told that the Great Lucifer accepted to help me and He said YES to our request for a Pact.

Many things amazing, supernatural, magickal, and miraculous began to occur after the Pact was made.

I knew in my heart that my son was healed immediately the night the Pact with Lord Lucifer was accepted by His Greatness. But getting past the cancer researchers/physicians was a difficult, slow task, since they insisted on more and stronger chemotherapy for my son (I realized that not only spell work alone would bring instant healing but working along with physicians AND a great spirit would be necessary).

During every painful horrific procedure endured by my son after my Pact was accepted I used faith in Lucifer, picturing him standing in the corner of the operating room, or hovering next to my son’s bedside (I saw Lucifer as a beautiful, handsome 30 something male, distinguished, in a gorgeous black suit and tie, usually with a top hat). And even though the treatments caused my son to go into sudden cardiac arrest, actually dying before my eyes on June 28, 2017, I watched as powerful Lord Lucifer guide the crash team of the cancer treatment facility as they frantically worked for about 5 minutes on my son’s dead body.

Yes! My son was revived with absolutely zero damage or residual problems. Most of the physicians were astonished. My beautiful son is now in “remission”.

I continue to grow more confident in working with demonic angels daily. I prefer to call the dark angels “powerful beings”, since the term demonic is really a “Christian” concept, and these angels have been in existence from the beginning of time, way before religions distorted them. These powerful entities want to help us. We just have to ask them and enter into working with them with respect and honour. I now realize I was born to be a student of the Left Hand Path. I look forward to becoming stronger in relationships and work with angelic spirits of lightness and darkness.

I have written about my Pact with Lucifer to help any and all confused and damaged by Christianity and any other mainstream religion out there. Call to Lucifer, be not afraid, study Him and His origins, and above all respect and honour Him and His Name. I want the world to know that the Mighty and Powerful Lucifer/Satan is a great Healer, is a bringer of Light and Dawn, is Wisdom and Love; He came to my rescue when no one else would listen to my prayers for help. He continues to protect me; I continue to honour, praise, and defend His Name—for Eternity.


Dear S.E.V, Thank you for sharing your story. I had tears in my eyes as i re-read through your sons struggle. I remember this occasion, as I asked both our coven members and our WWD course members to ask for spiritual blessing for your son. However it was your love and commitment to Lucifer that lead to the “miracle” for your son. Sharing of your story, and acknowledgment of spirit in your life is always a request from daemons in pact making. You will have pleased Lucifer with this post. Blessed Beast! – Your friend, BW Savannah