The 3 Key Stages to Money Magick & The 6 Key Money Boosters


In this blog I will share with you a little more insight into money spells, and how I think about the stages of needing money. The reason why money magick should be though of in terms of stages of need rather than doing a spell as needed, is because money spell casting needs to be thought of as continuous and on going process.

In some cases, you will need to cast other spells to help with various situations you are temporarily facing, and these situations will come and go, no matter which stage of the money magick system you are working.

For this to all make sense to me, I created a simple 3 -step system of money work, and then thought about the situations as needing a boost in magick to be able to make the situation work in my favor. For the first time, I will discuss my system below.

Part A – The Key 3-STEP Money Magick Stages

You have to start thinking of money magic as a process of stages, and work the stage you currently need the most help in:

  1. Attraction
  2. Maintenance
  3. Expanding

When you are working the stage you are in, you will need to do consistence work on that specific stage. This will ensure success and results. EG If you are working “STEP 1 – Attraction”, then you should be doing regular work to attract money into your life. This could be daily for a week or so, then followed up monthly until you are ready to move onto the next STEP.

You could be at Step 1 for 1 year, or maybe 5 years! This is why spellcasting is called WORK, as we are always working on the goal.

I’ll explain what I mean by this in the video below:


  • This system is more hoodoo witchcraft style, not chaos magick or Black Magick spellcasting/sorcery
  • I like to do money work on Thursday nights (Jupiter energy) for money growth. If you were working for business prosperity, you could work your spell on a Wednesday, under the influence of Mercury.


Now you understand the key stages of money work, you may need to do a little extra money work on another issue facing you. For example, if you are at “Step 2 – Maintenance” and you recently had a court case ruled in your favor, you would also do BOOSTER work to collect the money owed “Booster – Pay Back”. Once you achieved the result, there is no need to continue on with the work.

This is why I called these BOOSTERS – as this is short term work or spell casting aimed at a specific goal.


Spell casting is rarely a straight forward process. There is almost always a few “layers” required to achieve the desired results. Sometimes you may have to recast the spell a few times. Of course, the spirits have a mind and agenda of their own, and will occasionally grant your spell request with immediate rewards, other times they won’t. The reasons for this are not always apparent.

As a client (or a non-practicing witch who buys spells), and does not achieve a fast result from a spell casting – the above reason can seam a little confusing, if not a little flippant. You will wonder, “Why won’t the spirit give me what I desire?” Or, “Is the spell caster a fake?” However, the spell caster will often be thinking, “I wonder what the client did not tell me about their situation or their life, for this spell to fail?”

I hope these videos can help you make sense of money magic, and perhaps modify what you are currently doing for better results.

Blessed beast!


Following from the blog post:  Helping your money spells to manifest –  Part A