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If you are new to Witchcraft and uncertain about which method of divination to choose, start with the runes. They are easy to make and convenient to use, and there is very little left up to personal interpretation.

Because of their size, runes travel well. They can be read almost anywhere and in any situation. Keep a set of runes in your purse, briefcase, or school locker. Use your coffee break, lunch hour, or recess time to consult them about the events of the day.

The best way to become proficient with the runes is by using them on a regular basis. Before you leave for work or start your day, take a moment to consult your runes.You don’t need to be in crisis to seek higher wisdom or spiritual guidance.

Use your divination skills to help set daily and weekly goals or to indicate areas where personal progress can be made. A simple question like “What should I work on today?”will provide you with the motivation and direction needed to live the magickal life.

The word “rune” actually means mystery, secret or whisper.

Since ancient times, casting runes have been used for divination and magic.

Rune: casting runes give one a means of analyzing the path that one is on and a likely outcome

Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for writing, divination and magick. 

Runes are an oracle from which one seeks advice. They work best if you detail your current circumstances and then ask a specific question. Rune readings are sometimes obscure. They hint toward answers, but you have to figure out the details. This is when the rune casters intuition becomes paramount.

Some times the Runes “sing” to me, and their meaning becomes instantly clear.

Runic divination or casting runes is not “fortunetelling” in the sense that one actually sees the future. Instead, casting runes give one a means of analyzing the path that one is on and a likely outcome. The future is not fixed. It changes with everything one does. If one does not like the prediction, one can always change paths.


A Free Course on Learning Runes

This free course on understanding runes will cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Meaning of Each Rune
  3. Pronunciation of Rune Names
  4. How to start rune casting
  5. Rune Casting Layouts
  6. Reserved and Angle Runes
  7. Making A Rune Set – Blood Consecration
  8. Tarot & Runes
  9. Invocation & Runes

Prerequisite to learn runes:

One who aspires to become adept with runes must have some knowledge of the mythology, history, and culture of ancient Europe and Scandinavia. Much of what you find here will merely point you in the right direction. The rest is up to you. Delve as lightly or as deeply as you wish. I hope you fall in love with runes as I have.




These videos are a great starter to understanding the runes.


Using the Runes in Magic (Part 1)


This video explains everything you need to know about runes to use them properly to carry out magic.

Using the Runes in Magic (Part 2)

This is a continuation of part 1 and continues to explain everything you need to know about runes to properly use them to carry out magic.

Futhark video for rune meditation

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